The most underrated relationship is that of siblings. We praise our friends,our parents but often forget this very important person/people in our lives. I love that I have this opportunity to thank one of the most important part of my life today: my big brother.

Bhai & Me

Bhai, as clichéd as this sounds thank you for always being there and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. The earliest memory I have about you,  is that you were this annoying kid who used to tease me with “innovative”  names, who scolded me for following him and his friends around and also for trying to be a part of his cricket team and being really bad at it!!!

And then, you started your hostel life and we kind of drifted apart for a bit there. But then life changed when I started college, but I think it was for the better because i had you as a senior (ergo no ragging). I remember the times you saved your pocket money.. so that you could take me for out for  shopping trips. I know it’s not a big thing, a few hundreds, but it was the effort of saving even from the little that you had, just to gimme a luxury that others in the hostel did not have: freedom. Thank you Bhai, for becoming my home away from home.

And then when I graduated and moved to Bangalore you had already become the man of the house. And through the years I have seen you become so much more than a elder brother. You have become the rock of our house, the man of the house, and the solution to most of our problems. The sacrifices you have made in order for me to pursue my dreams has made me ever so grateful  to have you in my life.

You are my inspiration and my reason to go out there and do my best. Thank you Brother!! For holding me up in troubled times, for encouraging me to face my realities and to conquer my fears, and accepting and admiring me just the way I am. You truly are the wind under my wings and the brother of my heart!!!

2 thoughts on “THE BROTHER OF MY HEART

  1. I have two sisters and one brother. I’m the oldest and have always felt responsibility. Which is sometimes good sometimes bad. I have to recognize them as adult who can stand on their own.


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