Hello Everyone,

It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom. – Michael Morpurgo

Teacher – the only person in this otherwise selfish world who is genuinely happy to see you succeed other than your parents.

Teacher – a person who could gift a person with personality by imparting knowledge above and beyond the syllabus and books.

But in the wake of commercialisation of education teaching is deemed to be a mere profession and the role of a teacher is slowly limiting itself within the boundary walls of school and contribution is assessed only numerically (read ranks).  In such a scenario can a teacher be referred as revered?

But today I am not here to get into the discussion how holistic teaching and teacher should be, what should be the professional ethics☺

I want to take this opportunity on this platform to thank my teachers.  I am very fortunate in this lifetime to have amassed love and faith of my teachers throughout.   Any examination be it academic or otherwise they taught me to face it with head high.  I am thankful to them to have made me inculcate the habit of owning up one’s mistake.

As a child I used to be an asthma patient.  Every fortnight I used to be absent from school.  But my class teacher, Mrs.Sandhya, was very compassionate, she used to arrange all the important notes for me to ensure that I don’t miss any important lesson.  Even in the class she made sure that I am comfortable when I used to return after my illness.  I could never ever be able to thank her enough for the care she took like a mother away from home.

Another person from teaching fraternity whom I want to thank for her contribution in making me what I am is Mrs. Jyoti, my English teacher in secondary school.  She is the one who taught me about leading – be it a group or own life, until charge is taken, read responsibility, it is not right to expect results.  And till date I abide by that.

In fact every teacher of mine have influenced my life and moulded my thought process in some or other way.  But today I want the world to know about this particular incident and incidentally thank my teacher.

It was in 2004, results of my graduation first year were announced.  I did well.  Very next moment I got notice that I am supposed to pay fees for next academic session within a week.  I was in a fix, not because the amount was higher (hardly few thousands, 4K to be precise) but as a family we were in serious financial crunch.  My father was in double mind whether I shall I continue my graduation in college or not, so was I.  I don’t want to blame him and I can’t, it was the need of the hour.  But somehow my professor in college Mr. E. Muralidhar Rao, got to know about my dilemma.  He called me and right away gave me the sum for college fees.  I was reluctant to accept that but he insisted and told me that ” a sincere student like you should never discontinue studies just for the lack of funds.  All your efforts and focus should be directed towards your studies”.  My eyesight blurred with tears.  How could I thank him for being so generous.  And it’s not just for the sum he arranged, I want to thank him for two valuable lessons he gave me:

  • If ever you are in a position to help someone never hesitate especially if you could help someone with their education.  Education is a tool to reduce disparities in the society.
  • Always be humble:  I have seen him like that for the learned person he was, I have never seen him raising his voice or boasting about self.

No words in any language would ever be able to explain what is your importance in my life as a human being.  I am thankful to God for gifting me this fortune of learning from revered teachers, Guru in true sense.

Thank you Teacher.