Thank you is a great word! Still, This word becomes too small when we try to appreciate someone for their great contribution to our lives. And this is a big problem for me as well.

“Where I AM today! What I am DOING today! The NAME I have today! The DEGREE I hold today! And The greatest of all the LIFE I have today! I have all these things today because of Someone’s love and sacrifice done for me someday in the past”. Every time I am facts with these words, they bring me down to my knees, rendering me speechless and overwhelmed with emotions, and the only one word my heart utters and my tear drops speak is– THANK YOU!”

Before we enter into the 17th year of the 21st century, I want to make a wish. I wish I could walk back to all the days of past 27yrs of my life and say “thank you” accompanied with tight hugs to the three significant people in my life. I believe I have always hurt them, given them pain brought tears to their eyes. They are the ones who sacrificed their absolute treasure to make me what I am today. Yes, they are none other than my Jesus (God), my Bapa (Father) and my Mumma (Mother).

It was the winter afternoon of 28th January 2004, Time: 12 p.m, as the recreational break(Tiffin Break), was over, I sat on the last bench before the class teacher comes in. There was no back support behind me as I was sitting on a bench, but subconsciously, I tried to rest my back and fell back. The back portion of my head was severely injured as it hit the ground on impact. Immediately blood clotted in my brain, and my brain stopped working, I went mad for nearly three hours. I was not able to recognise anyone, my parents were broken-up, medical science gave up, later on, my CT Scan report and my Neuro-specialist told my parents that, “we have three answers for your son: DEATH/COMA/MENTAL RETIREMENT but How come he is alive with sound state of mind? It is another miracle of God nothing other than that. But still, your son cannot study and cannot go out to sunlight till next 12 years, as his healing needs 12 years of time”.

I thank God who not only proved himself as Almighty but also gave me a new life to live for His glory. Now as you read my story, you can identify that I’m not mad!

While doing my degree studies, I went into the wrong relationship and messed-up my life with shame, guilt, curse and emotional brokenness. I disobeyed my parents; my lifestyle brought shame to my parents, my life and my family became the topic of neighbour’s evening gossip. Because of such disobedience, my father stopped talking to me for three and a half years. Though we were staying under one roof, travelled in one bus but still I was deprived of my father’s love. My Mumma and my siblings were always in tension due to my wrong relationship. Every evening my parents prayed for me with tears in their eyes. The same son who was expected to bring the smile on their faces brought shame and tears on their face. Though I gave so much pain to my parents but still when a dramatic change happened in my life, they accepted me with open arms and loved me in the same measure as they love my siblings.

I thank both of them (my Father and Mother) for their love, their sacrifices and bearing pain all the time to make me. Every of my effort as the payback to their love and contributions to my life is less before what they have done!

I LOVE YOU my dear GOD, BAPA and MUMMA!!!