“We say that slavery has vanished from European civilization, but this is not true. Slavery still exists but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution.” – Victor Hugo

It gave me immense pain when I was writing this down. When I was doing my personal study on the subject, ‘Abduction and Prostitution’ I was disturbed the entire day imagining the condition of the victims. The worst part, I can only sympathize with them not knowing the actual pain, and the tremendous torment they have to go through. One can never relate to the actual feelings unless one has gone through it! Imagine the uncountable cries that are either suppressed with strength or pretended to be unheard. Imagine the state where ones greatest asset (the body) is abused as an object of pleasure by others, out of their control, will or interest.  Imagine the endless mourning and lamenting of souls which does not ‘dare’ to expect any help in return. Imagine the state of minds where a normal decent life is just a far-fetched dream.  How grievous!

Burdened to note this down- there are 42 million prostitutes all around the world and up to 10 million are child prostitutes. Sex slavery is worst and highest in Asian countries. It is much popular among the young innocent girls who are abducted and forced into this trade of body at the expense of humanity. Young and old men prefer young and new girls. Today there is existence of kid porn where children and not adults are chosen for sexual exploitation. Seeing them dress up like older women in dark shades of cosmetics is a heartbreaking sight. But do these innocent girls have a choice? Girls who try to escape are beaten mercilessly with belt, sticks and iron rods. And hence the groveler is taken full advantage of.

No women in this world would ever choose this work of crud by her free will. She is either compelled by situations or entangled by wrong companies. Once trapped, it’s difficult to come out of this dark world. Darkness binds them completely, screening any trace of light that may try to enter. Chains of anguish, self-pity, abomination then binds her tightly in a never breaking manner.

I have no more strength to describe it any further. I am digressed. But I want to put up a question to my readers, “what are we doing about this issue?” Merely reading this article and commiserating isn’t going to help! Even we learned people don’t play our parts properly. We are busy living selfishly and ignoring the hands which are crushed even before they can ask for help. We accept this gloomy side of the society as if it were one of the levels of some inter-connected food chain, essential for the balance of communities. And since the fear of protest has always dominated us, we have a mega word for this today – CORRUPTION. I believe tolerating the wrong things is an equal crime. Through the generations, these corrupt practices have propagated and augmented, abandoning the victims of the true happiness which they deserve. We need to fight back! Even though our efforts may seem like taking out a bucket of water from the ocean, yet if the numbers of buckets are increased there will definitely be a remarkable change.

If you are aware of anyone, anywhere close to this realm of filthiness, play you part, make them aware, and put up a rebellious countenance! Let’s hope that our baby steps would one day sum up to make this world a better place.