“Precious mummy,

Thank you for your unconditional love and care for me from the time when I was in your womb. Thank you for enduring all the pain I gave you, yet holding on to them as if they are your most precious jewel. Thank you for the uncountable sacrifices you made without a word of complaint. When you were down with fever, you chose to work with the meager strength that you had, just to keep us healthy. Through the hard times, you didn’t give up!

Thank you for standing up for me in my hard times, for protecting me like a guardian angel, for running this race of life along with me and picking me up whenever I surrendered before the finish line. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge you bestowed upon me. You taught me to take all my problems to the One Above before taking them to the mortals. You taught me to have Faith – a faith that conquers all fear. You taught me there is more joy in giving than in receiving. You have helped me learn my values for life!

My Mom & Me

Thank you for everything, dear mummy. I may never have thanked you before because it is in the blood of man to take certain people and things for granted. But I want to thank you with everything I have and with all that I am today. You are the greatest blessing God can give to a child! You are my tranquility and my turmoil and everything in between! You’re my world!  You‘re my mummy!”

 We are so busy running this race of life that we often forget who actually got us here. We thank everyone who comes in our path but become oblivious to show our gratitude to the one who helped us begin this journey. As I have mentioned earlier that it is in the blood of man to take things for granted. What if we become the victims of ingratitude? How would that make us feel? Miserable obviously! An effort which is unappreciated suffers a silent torturous death. 

So let us break free of this unpleasing attitude which binds us from a humble confession of ‘thank you’. No, attitude is not cool, gratitude is! Thank people whenever you can and let it not just be in words but in actions as well. Gratitude is cool! Gratitude is amazing! Gratitude can save relationships!