Mother! The whole world of a child. Its’s first home as she nurtures the baby with her own blood and bones. The child’s first school as she teaches how to walk and how to talk. A Mother is one of the greatest gifts of God. There are many precious things that God has bestowed on us. However, a Mother is one of the unique gifts of God. She is the embodiment of sacrifice and love.

When a child is born, a Mother is born…and from that moment onwards, she sacrifices everything for her child.

But I was on the verge of losing my mum the day I was born. I shiver to think what would have happened if I had lost her that day. She is the most valuable and precious person in the whole world.

I will tell you the incident in her own words

“The nine months were tough. I wasn’t able to eat anything and suffered heavy Vomitings. I made many trips to the hospital due to weakness and get glucose/saline drips. My husband would be away on work tours, so there wasn’t really anybody to care about me. I was admitted on the 18th and gave birth on the 20th so you can see it was a long labour, nearly 48 hours. I was on the verge of having a C-SECTION, but I had a normal delivery luckily. But I had a Haemorrhage, and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Then they took my back to the O.T. and without any anaesthesia, tying my four limbs to the table they opened me up again and cleaned me up. My family members outside cried to hear my screams, and I was wheeled back into my room immediately. I felt I am just air and have got no physical body. I told my husband about it and he, in turn, went to the doctor. My Blood pressure was down to 60/40.  A battery of tests was done which showed I had Acute Jaundice. I fainted soon after and they told my husband I was in the coma. The doctors told my family they have done their best, and can’t be of much help. He went to specialists and doctors and got them from far off, and then finally after I was given Vitamin K injections I was revived back. I was discharged in another 10 days and recovered in next 3 months.”

Leading to this incident, she wasn’t allowed to hold me for the first quarter. And I was given no mother’s feed. She still suffers from a weak Liver. But she has the immense strength then and has tremendous strength now. Today my father has left us for his heavenly abode. He’s gone, leaving her to me and me to her. I don’t think I can survive without her even today. She has suffered so much but never given up on me. I wanna take this chance to say “I Love you Ma, and I know I was partial to Papa, but I have always Loved you.”

My beloved father would recite this story many times to me. He would tell it to me to let me know how blessed I was, how close I was to miss on life’s most precious gift, My Mother. He was so traumatised by this that he decided to have no more kids ever again. As a result, I am their only daughter. People often prompted him to have a son, but he told everyone, “My girl is my son too”, making me swell with pride. Every now and then he would retrospect and say the following words

“I thought I lost her, I thought my little girl lost her mother as soon as she came into this world. I was hyperventilating to think how will I live without her, more so, how will my baby live without her mother’s love. But it was God’s grace that she was saved by an inch of her life. Bless that lady doctor who came like the ray of hope and saved her life.”

With these words, he would often feel obliged to that lady doctor who administered those Vitamin K injections.

Today I call myself as an atheist, and I am practically scared of doctors. I have my reasons, I won’t talk about them here. But still, I like to believe that God’s divine intervention helped my parents that day, and God uses doctors as the rays of hope in the darkest times of our life sometimes.

Stay Blessed!