“In my opinion a homemaker is a woman who balances every work that she finds in front of her so perfectly that others won’t get a trace of it.”

That’s what I think about my wife… she is a perfect homemaker that way.

It was in the year 2012 March 8th on the occasion of International Women’s Day I got an opportunity to write about my wife thanking her on a different and bigger platform, “Yahoo Magazine”. I am grateful to my cousin and co-writer Khristina for giving me the information and helping me to publishing it on Yahoo. But now that article was moved to some other sites where you can view it HERE.

Asmita, my wife

Apart from just being a great homemaker I would like to thank her for so many other things that are always go unnoticed. I wanted to highlight few of her actions behind the screen which I had mentioned in another article few months ago. I have quoted it as under:

The unending prayer pleas by my bedside when I am sick; the unspoken and the inexpressible heartaches because of my physical inabilities and weaknesses; the struggles of unwanted night – watching for my discomfort; the pain of carrying out undesired burdens of extra responsibilities; the display of forced smiles to manage the relationships and situations in the midst of taunts from loved ones. The list can be longer if I think and write more about her role, contributions and investments in my life as well as towards out marriage.

All she goes through are for me; to complete me, to manage me, to support me in life…

Adding to the above list if I expand it a bit more then I would like to thank her for trusting me for everything though sometimes I had accused her for not trusting me fully. I would like to thank her for my inspiration. Why did I say that… ‘my inspiration’? Even she won’t like it if she reads this… because she thinks she doesn’t have anything, any quality which can inspire any other person. But I would say she let me explore myself… Explore myself as a music composer. I knew I can write… but I never knew I could compose music… It was because she sings very well I thought of trying out to compose one or two songs… It clicked. I am really grateful to God and to my wife for finding myself as a music composer.

My friend Kuljeet commented yesterday in our group chat: “This Thank You week is turning out to be really great.. whenever I read the latest article I feel I can relate to it and my mind goes Yeah I too am thankful for this relationship… In our daily routine we take a lot of people in our life for granted. Thanks guys for reminding me that I am thankful for the presence of so many people and relations in my life…”

She was right… we read articles on being grateful to a Husband, a Brother in Law, a Grand Father, Friends, a Help-maid, a Mom, a Teacher, a Daughter and a Brother till now… and it was my turn to thank a Wife … Of course my wife, Asmita.  I am grateful to God for allowing me in her life.

Always be grateful for everything in life to God and to the people around you…

Stay Blessed!!!


  1. You are awesome and she is better than the best. It’s definitely not easy to get things going amidst such testing, turbulent times. She definitely deserves a special mention and this “thanks”. I am in awe of her.

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