I returned to my room,

One hot summer afternoon,

Which had cast a spell of scorching gloom,

And after a day so tiring I hoped my lunch box would be a sure boon!


As I opened the box with great expectation,

I simply stopped short of outward expression,

Knowing not how to show my dissatisfaction.

Seeing the rice and bitter gourd fry,

I really thought I would cry.

But so amazed to myself was I when with a smile I whispered –

‘Thank you Lord!’


I thank you Lord for giving me life,

For helping me tide across all storms and strife.

I thank you Lord for pardoning my sin,

And opening for me the gates of Heaven pristine.

Thank you Lord for my parents and friends,

In whose presence time never ever ends.

Thank you for teachers so affectionate and inspiring,

Who equipped me in much knowledge acquiring.


Thanks Dad and Mom,

For showering your love so warm.

Your tears for mine,

Your fears for mine.

Your numerous sacrifices untold,

Led my way blessings manifold.

I can never repay the debts of your love,

But humble gratitude this heart fondly behoves.


O my sister so lovely and sweet,

How can I not thank you for every witty feat!

With fervor and zest, you give me your best,

And light up our cosy little nest.

You are such a precious gift in my life,

Not thanking you would sure cause a big strife!

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

Your values, discipline and tender care,

Have enabled me stand firm in a world so unfair.

How fond are the memories of running to your embrace,

To escape from Mom’s anger and distress!

‘Thank you’ is a phrase so small,

But I still use it to tell my heart’s all.


Thanks my dear friends,

Our companionship sure never ends.

The fun times and the tough times,

I recall sometimes.

Miles apart though we may be,

Your loving presence reassures,

That somebody out there loves me.


To thank the people in my life,

Is a pleasant delight.

Words don’t suffice,

And thoughts won’t cease.

My heartfelt gratitude to one and all,

Who have held me in their hands,

And have never let me fall.