screenshot_2016-12-21-00-05-36-026‘Umeed pe duniya kayam hai’. One of my favourite saying in hindi which literally means ‘hope makes the world go round’ and I firmly believe in it. You know why it’s not a good idea to know your future?? Because it kills hope. 

Hope for a better life, a better relationship makes us work harder for it. Makes our life move forward. But still at times we all get caught in a situation which is beyond our control. And then it’s only hope which keeps us going.. 

Two years into our marriage we decided that the time was right to plan a family. But God had other plans. Soon I realized that something was not right. The gynaecologist confirmed that my ovulation cycle was not proper. So medication started and endless rounds of ultrasound were done. My mental status was such that whenever I used to look around and see anyone with children it made me feel very jealous and inadequate. During those times my ray of hope was my family. My husband and my parents-in-law never behaved in the typical Bollywood style of passing harsh comments. Instead they were with me and kept telling me that I was panicking without reason. Maybe they were right. And finally I was blessed with a baby boy. The funny part is I became pregnant the month I forgot to take my medicines…

Life is not fair. It is full of tough choices. I have seen a friend, whose husband is battling a life threatening disease, being very positive and looking at every alternate therapy available in the hope to cure him. Another friend who had a very crappy mother in law and a husband who believes each and every word his mother says. Still she is sticking around in that marriage in the hope that one day her husband would realize the true worth of his wife.

You may not agree with the choices they made. But one thing is for sure what ever googly life throws at you don’t loose hope. There is no other way to survive the tough times. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.