Hi Everyone,

“Don’t give up war just because you lost a battle”.

More often than not we make ourselves believe that failure is the “End”.  End of our trials, end of patience,  end of journey towards the destination.  It might definitely be end, but end of one way of looking at things and not the dead-end with no other way out.  We let our failure dwell so deeply into our heads that we accept it as defeat.

Well it’s time to brush up our perceptions and change the way we look at such “ends” (read failures).  We have plethora of examples of exceptional people who have changed their fates and the way world looks at them with their faith, clinging onto the bleak ray of hope they had and not to mention their perseverance.  My dear friend Rajnandini, have already mentioned many greats in her post that I don’t want to repeat.

I would like to quote examples from our surroundings and day-to-day life:

Babies can teach us few valuable lessons of life.  Watch them when they start walking or try to walk.  They take a support to hold on and stand with faith, that support  won’t  give in and start walking.  They don’t hold any doubts in their minds.  They start walking, they fall only to rise again and again till they walk without  support and without tripping.  They never let their failure (falling) decide their destination.  But as we grow up we think more logically and fear of failure seeps in.  Pessimism slowly takes hold of our decisions which eventually blinds us and distances us from our faith.

Let us talk about an ant.  Such a small creature but never let it’s size decide it’s fate. An ant won’t rest till it pulls the granule of wheat to its colony.   So aren’t we a better creation of God.   Then why we fear circumstances and outcomes?  Why we let the despair engulf us almost instantly?

Have you heard of this saying in Hindi “Doobte ko tinke ka sahara” which translates to – for a person drowning away even a small twig can lend support.

There are instances in my life where I felt worthless and useless, nothing but negativity been my companion.  My inner voice said to me this life is not worth living anymore.  I don’t want to dig into details now.  But during those dark moments what was my hope that rekindled my faith and held me together?  A kiss and cuddle from my kids reminded me that I shall live for them, a healthy and hearty chat with an old friend reminded me that I am still loved and respected for who I am, an interview call (though things didn’t materialise positively) made me realise I still stand a chance, a positive remark from my fellow bloggers instilled confidence in me that life can be still beautiful.

These are all small yet effective actions and incidents.  We all have them around, just need to be watchful☺.

So dear friends never let small failures fail you as a human being.  All those people who stand as icons for success, whose lives you think is a picture of perfection and happiness, trust me there’s a lot of struggle beneath that held this rosy picture up.  Keep trying till you paint your life in colors of your choice (read beautiful).  And most importantly you should know this – you are not sailing alone.  So chuck gloom, embrace hope and faith.