My writer friends have discussed the topic so well and I don’t want to repeat those things again. Instead I will just be sharing my own, briefly.

Relationships are what I value the most in my life. The major reason behind it probably is the way I was brought up. I had spent most of my childhood with delicate care, “glass – handle with care” types. And all that happened because of my ill health. Most of the time I spent playing alone, day dreaming and stayed pitying on my state… and whenever I found someone around me, talking to me… I grab him or her, asking them to stay for more and more time with me.

As I grew up I learnt many things and understood that I can’t have people with me all the time… So I managed my loneliness well and now I know I am never bored when alone… in fact I enjoy my loneliness either working on my hobbies or chatting/talking with people I know.

Now, if we talk about desperation then in my case I would say I am always desperate when someone doesn’t respond to me or get back to me or behave differently. I really feel very bad and do feel very troubled when my relationships are strained with my people whom I care. I kept troubling them by pinging and asking ‘what’s going on…’, ‘are you ok…’, ‘why don’t you respond to me…’ and so on…with a desperation that no one can imagine.


No… not at all… That desperation in me had been engraved from my childhood which reflects in my actions now… I am sure it needs to be harnessed and controlled and I do control it too after sometime.

I was deprived of people from childhood and that deprivation has given birth to desperation in me when I see my loved ones are distanced or stop talking or indifferent (whatever may be the reason).

The desperation I am talking about is a good one…a safer one but when people are desperate for negative things then it might be fatal. Catering to our deprivation positively and in the right way is very important or else it can prove disastrous.

Stay Blessed!



  1. I am very much surprised by the mention of loneliness and your definition of it.
    You are enjoying your lone time and not loneliness. If one has people who they can talk or chat anytime they are free they can never experience loneliness.


    1. Yes Aastha, you are right… It’s my bad instead of lone time I wrote loneliness. I understand what you mean.

      But usually people can’t take away our loneliness. The interaction between the people we look for take away our loneliness.


  2. I empathize with your desperation but I’m glad you taken it positively and know where to draw a line. Being people friendly and reliable is always good, being needy is not. And we all have people in our lives who we just need! There’s nothing wrong with that. We are afterall, social animals.


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