Nina is sitting alone in her balcony, lost in deep thoughts. She can find no one of her own in the crowd moving down there on the streets.  She can’t even find anybody in her 1200 square feet, well-furnished flat in Salt Lake, Kolkata apart from herself living all alone. She has friends, colleagues and chat pals but everybody goes back to their own lives every time where they have their loved ones whom they can count as their own, but she returns back and finds only herself to live with.

She sits sipping coffee from her mug, early in a winter morning. The sun rose and shone upon her bright, making her see what had happened in her life 13 years ago.

She was welcomed by her new colleagues on her joining in the new office. She was just 27 years old that time. She was young, vibrant, energetic and a very cheerful girl. There was a boy of around 25 years old among the colleagues. He also came and introduced himself. He was Ankit Kumar. He was as cheerful as her. They immediately became friends. They used to sit in front of each other and talk in the office room whenever they got opportunities or had leisure. She started liking him and he seemed to like her too. She felt they were both in the same emotional level as they used to understand even a small insinuation of each other.  They started to care for each other; about what they eat, what they drink, where they go, with whom they talk. They started fighting and supporting for each other as well.

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Days passed by and they became more and more intimate on an emotional level as she managed to keep herself away from him for being intimate physically. The growing intimacy made her to think that they were in love… She was confused, yet Ankit’s warmth made her feel very comfortable. But there was something that had always kept her to be on the back foot to commit to the relationship that had been growing from strength to strength every new day. She reckoned him as a person who had a heart of gold and extremely jovial. She literally adored him and cared for him as much as she could have. She loved it when he was around her… She used to love reading his love poems written for her…

But she denied him at the end of the sixth month of their knowing each other… He was deeply hurt… He had to walk away after pleading with her desperately to know the reason of her indifference and denial though she never shared her heart with him that day or ever…

Nina came back to her senses hearing the sweet soothing ringtone of her cell phone. She picked it up and spoke to her client while checking the time… “Yes… yes… I apologise for the delay, I am starting right away for the meeting… will surely reach within an hour…”

She hung up and got ready before going out of her flat and faded away in the street into her daily chores of life.