Ankit tried to listen carefully to the speaker. He was attending a seminar on self-development which the company he worked for conducted quarterly with an aim to help the employees to deal with issues like stress, work-life balance, and workplace setbacks. Ankit doubted if these sessions ever impacted the people holding the managerial posts in improving their behavior in certain instances, but he did realize that these were necessary. It helped people if they knew that the others too faced problems of a similar kind. And the sharing really helped the employees to feel better and build more meaningful connections with their co-workers.

The speaker called out if anyone wanted to share anything. Ankit raised his hand. He spoke on gratitude. When he spoke the audience felt Ankit believed in everything what he was saying. They seemed to enjoy it.

Ankit’s positivity endeared him to the people. It had always been his strength. He ended with a quote by Rumi, “Wear gratitude like cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” Ankit beamed as he saw the people smiling at him.  He felt privileged to feel happiness once again.

The episode with Nina had left Ankit heartbroken. He had genuinely loved her but for some reason she rejected him. Ankit often thought if Nina had been honest with him. There was something in her refusal which he felt was out of place. Nina had carefully, cautiously uttered a “yes” when he had asked her if she loved someone else. And if she had really loved someone else all that time the two wouldn’t have developed such an immense chemistry. With time Ankit became sure Nina had lied to him and there must have been a different reason which made her refuse him.

Whatever it may be Ankit chose to move on. He did not hold any sort of grudge against Nina. He did struggle initially after his heartbreak. His mom’s love and affection had prevented him from falling into depression. After leaving his job he immersed himself into poetry for a while. He had always loved poetry: Hindi, Urdu, English, all of it. Poetry made him take up English literature for his undergrad and he really loved it. Although, content-writing wasn’t as interesting or creative as poetry it helped Ankit to pay the bills. He was very sincere, hard-working and great company to be with which helped him to find employment again. And when there was a good position available, and due to his past affiliation, he joined back the company where he had once worked with Nina.

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Love finally made its way into Ankit’s life again. And five years after his tryst with Nina, Ankit tied the knot with Nisha. Nisha interestingly shared Ankit’s love for poetry and taught English. There was something in Nisha’s mannerisms which reminded Ankit of Nina which made him irresistible to her. He made sure he was honest with Nisha about his past. He wasn’t sure if this revelation would work in his favour but he wanted Nisha to know about this. Nisha was flattered and surprised but accepted the past. Where Nina lost, Nisha had found herself an endearing partner for life.