As Nina entered the meeting room, she stood for a moment gazing round the crowded room. Her eyes fixated on the tall narrow windows overlooking the park in the middle of hustle and bustle of the city, she had spent countless moments, discussing, arguing and sharing love noting’s by the window during their short ‘coffee breaks’. She used to look at him in unconcealed delight and he enthralled her each time, even when they whispered ‘goodbye’.

 “Will you reply to one of my questions” Ankit asked on the day of his farewell looking outside, avoiding her gaze. His pain could be felt in his voice.


“Why do I need to forget you forever? If you tell me that you don’t love me, I can still live with that but please tell me, are you in love with some else? I will never show my face again!”

Her mind went blank, she tried hard to reason him earlier as well but he kept asking the same question over and over again.

‘Yes!’ Cold as she was, her heart burning in flames.

He handed her a note and made his way out, without even looking at her.

“Here she is! Let us start the presentation” Mr Mathur, her boss a seemingly nice person in his middle forties announced as he saw her entering.

Reality struck her as she greeted him with a smile. The room was full of people standing about in groups or sitting on the damask-covered chairs drinking coffee.

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When she finished, several praised her succinct presentation. She nodded her thanks and blew a tuft of her bangs in relief. Mr Mathur, was so impressed that he asked her to make the presentation at the Board meeting in Bangalore in a week. She accepted with a slight nod and a humble “It will be my privilege to”.

‘Bangalore’ isn’t this where, Ankit was? She reasoned herself; would I be able to see him, talk to him again? He shifted there soon after he left his job and her. She kept hearing from her colleagues that he had joined the branch office in Bangalore and secretly kept longing to see him some day.

Emotions crowded her again. She wept for hours standing by the window as Ankit left her alone that day.

She opened the note he gave her, it read:

“In this life of rushed decisions, wrong turns and spectacular messes, you were the only person that made me feel right, But guess I was wrong! You proved me wrong, proved us wrong!

Even then if I ever get a chance, even if my life would be impossibly knotted, I’ll try and untangle yours in whichever way I can.”

After a week, she reached the Garden city, and hired a taxi to office. She gave her name at the reception and was directed to the seating area. A quick glance at the wall clock confirmed that she was ten minutes early and it wasn’t until it showed nine ‘O’ clock that the meeting will start.

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