What is better than expensive gifts and dream holidays in love? An equal relationship of course!

Love and equality go hand in hand. If all the relationships shed the desire of power, I guess there won’t be bitter relations at all. Balance and equality are needed whether it’s in terms of respect, support or responsibility. Problem occurs when either of the partners is dominating.

Setting up boundaries, expecting too much, dictating what to do and how things have to be done, not consulting each other in important decisions, etc., all result in unhealthy relationships. If one is continuously being held back, the love will only get weaker. When you are in a committed relationship, you need to accept the person as is without changing him/her.

Reena and Jay were madly in love with each other, but their relationship went sour as Jay was too authoritative and dictating. Statements like “You can’t talk to that person” or “You can’t wear that skirt”, chagrinned Reena. Moreover, during any disagreement, it was only Reena who used to apologize. As a result, gradually they broke up.

Accepting one’s mistakes, giving priority to ‘our needs’ rather than focusing on ‘mine’, ensuring that being in love is not a bonded relationship is vital. Hence, there must be equality of couple who are in love.

Perfect Love Cannot Be Without Equality
-Scottish Proverb

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