An eighteen years old girl – cluelessly, hopelessly romantic, believed in celluloid romance. She met a guy through a common friend. Thanks to the well-knit colonies everyone knows everyone through someone. And when she introduced the girl to boy, the girl found him to be perfect – handsome, witty, well mannered – in short, a character right out of her favourite romantic novel and movies.

Their interaction started over the phone. Soon the conversations progressed from pleasantry exchanges to deep conversations. She fell for him. His charm swept her off her feet. And she sensed reciprocation of her feelings every time he would smile, spoke to her for hours over the phone. When they agreed to meet on 14th February… A day that needs no explanation for why it is celebrated, she was very excited and elated.

She dressed carefully, wanted to look her best for she never had confidence in her looks prior to that meeting. They met outside her college, went to a nearby restaurant. Amidst their casual conversation, he gave her a box of chocolates. She was over the moon for this was her first gift ever from a person of the opposite sex. It was all hunky dory but the feelings were still not spoken about directly. But this meant something to her.

She now looked forward to talking to him, searched for excuses to meet him. But then came the moment when her world of dreams came crashing down. In one such meeting he asked her “I think you started loving someone, isn’t it true?”. All she could do is to blush as she lowered her gaze and nods in affirmation. But without her speaking out he knew that her feelings are attached to him and he made an announcement ” but I am already seeing someone for a long time now”. And that moment of truth came as a shock to the girl who nursed dreams about “them” being together. She didn’t let a teardrop from her eye and even didn’t let the smile fade away from her lips. When her friends got to know about this they felt sad for her but she resolved not to cry though the pain was hard to contain. Her own family issues demanded a lot of her time and focus that she made sure she isn’t stopping.

Their conversations were limited now. They got busy in their respective lives. But they met casually after four years. This time she was careful of not getting carried away by emotions unnecessarily for life is giving her so many lessons to learn from. The first question she posed was “how’s she doing?”. And there was a twist in the tale – they were not together anymore. “Could this mean anything?, Could this meeting mean anything?” Questions of this nature ruffled her thoughts. But this time she wasn’t letting her imagination take over her right senses.

And her stance proved to be helpful to her as the guy she was once interested in fell for her best friend when she introduced her friend to him. Now they are happily married and this girl is also hitched and is in wedlock with a beautiful family. And of course, the girl, the boy and her best friend are very good friends. Interesting fact: best friend knows that this girl once had feelings for her husband. This seems weird on paper but their equation is as pure as it could, they all laugh now how things have taken a turn.

The questions though remain: is it a foolish thing to be hopelessly romantic? Was the girl at fault to decipher and perceive things differently? Was the boy at fault by being so nice that could give false signals? Can people still be friends after being friend-zoned? And how cool is the best friend of that girl 😁😁?

PS: true story, names confidential