They say first love is the true love and last love, but this was not so in my case. My first love ended up as a failure where there were too many restrictions, besides being at the age of immaturity. Though the relationship lasted long, it couldn’t survive and I was pretty much sure that I am not going to fall in love again. However, I was proved wrong when a phone call came.

It wasn’t a typical crank call, but the person knew quite much about me, which was very surprising. Scared and disturbed I was initially and hence I tried to ignore. But, the guy kept calling me. I tried every trick to keep the calls away, but each one failed. He actually threatened me to call my parents and then take their permission to talk to me, for he wanted to marry me. I was in no mood of marrying at that time and was afraid what if he really called them up. Not taking any chances, I agreed to talk to him. Gradually I got used to his calls and there came a time when I actually fell in love again. Yes, I was in love with a voice basically, because I didn’t know anything about that guy, who he was or where he lived. Strange, yet true! My friends used to tease me and would say, “Is that guy for real? Does he exist in real life?”

Once I confronted him, he agreed to meet me. He seemed to be a nice guy, but he remained a mystery as I didn’t know about him, his family, doubt if he even told me his real name or not! Then all of a sudden, the frequency of his calls lessened and he gave the excuse of his mother who was upset with our relationship. I have no clue whether he was telling the truth or not, but at that point of time, I had to believe whatever he said. The mystery came to an end when I couldn’t connect to his phone number.

Throughout my break-ups, one thing that remained constant was this best friend of mine with whom I could share my woes and became my soulmate eventually. Though we couldn’t be each other’s first love, we remain each other’s ‘last love’ and ‘love forever’.

As the classic quote says, “First love is important, but last love is very important. Because, first love changes the nature and last love changes the life.”