Last year when I turned forty I thought and felt old and wise. But then life took such a huge turn in the last one year. Now that I am nearing my forty first birthday I have come to realize that there is a lot that the universe still has to teach me. So then what is the legacy I want to leave behind? I am still learning. I don’t think I have  reached a point where I would be able to inspire others. 

At times I am so unsure about myself. I don’t know what I am doing is right or not. I am not sure whether I have been able to identify the true purpose of my life or not. So again back to the question what will be my legacy. Am I equipped to answer this question?😯

But on second thoughts I realized that the stage will never come when I will feel that now I have accomplished everything in my life and I have a solid legacy to leave behind…. I am sure many successful people will agree with me.

Life they say is unpredictable. Death is never going to give us enough time to prepare a legacy. So our everyday work should be inspiring enough for people to remember us after we are gone.

I would like to think that I would be remembered for being a friend in need. I have strived to help whenever someone has approached me for help. Even If at times it has meant going out of my way. I have been admonished by my close ones many a times because of this habit of mine. They say why do you have to take so much trouble for others especially when a lot of backbiting happens after the help. But this is my nature.  If someone asks I will try to help…

Second thing I think I would want my legacy to be is that I have been a good listener. Many a friends have have shared their problems with me.  Many people have told me that it is easy to share their secrets or stories or issues with me. I guess I inspire some kind of confidence in them that they can share their deep dark secrets with me. And be rest assured they remain only with me.

I think our words, our relationships, memories of the time spent with our family, friends and others, these are what we leave behind us when we die for other to cherish.And I hope, I would be remembered as a shoulder to lean on during times of trouble and a patient listener.