Legacy is such a word that many are afraid of facing it. But it is always my desire to leave something behind me. It is such a word that I am not worthy of it because the legacy left by the greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Raj Ram Mohan Rai, William Carrey etc., are unthinkable for me yet I think about it many times. I have a desire to leave something behind me for the world to follow it. I want to leave something like a baton so that the race will continue even when I am out of the race. 😛

During many memorial services I have witnessed, friends and relatives talk about the deceased person in whose name the memorial service is conducted. They remember the good qualities of that person and how he or she has been such a help to the society or family. Even I have shared about one or two people in their memory.

Now when I keep myself in one of those beds, lying unmoved with all my friends and relatives all around me crying while remembering me, telling and discussing about me what would be the conversation or the topic or the subject!!!

Will they be talking about how I used to stay jovial and smiling at all times or how I used to make people comfortable, talking with them?

Will they be talking about how I make fun of others at times or how I make fun of myself at difficult times?

Will they be talking about how I have struggled in life or how much pain that I went through?

Will they be talking about my failures because of my weaknesses or the frustrations that I had to go through?

They have the liberty to think whatever they can and I really won’t be having any control over it or neither I would be present to motivate them to talk this way or that way. But actually I can control their thoughts partially when I am alive. When I am alive I definitely can work on my attributes so that when I die people remember them and inspire each other to follow them.

But what am I going to leave behind for the people?

If I do a stock taking of my own strengths and qualities then I would pick “Owning a Relationship” to be the number one though sometimes I have failed in some of the crucial relationships in my life. And my failures make me to stay down, low, humbled, away from self praising and give all glory to God, the creator who has given me that quality for a purpose, for His purposes, to be carried out in His ways.

My failures also give teach me how to sharpen my quality more in His strength… How to strive for more… How to own relationships better and effectively…

I have always longed for people… longed for being with them… longed to understand them and own them as mine. I don’t know how it was developed within me but it just did and I praise God for that. I know how comforting it is to be accepted and understood. I have seen the joy in those faces of people when I accept them wholeheartedly without even judging what they have done or what state they are in. In my case as well I feel great when someone own me by accepting me wholeheartedly. Initially God did it when I came to Him with my iniquities and later I felt whole, comforted.

My desire is to leave behind this legacy for the people of this world around me.

The Bible says,

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”

I just want to follow it by striving for it till I die so that I can inherit the quality that I have to the next generation.

Stay Blessed!