I used to call my  mobile and laptop as my second and third wives jokingly and now I feel the tragic of having them as my wives.

When I had my first mobile in 2004 I was feeling so proud and jubilant about it. And once as I was having my dinner sitting beside my uncle my phone rang and I picked up the phone. It was a call from my then would be wife. I asked her I will call back in sometime and finished my food quickly. But my uncle reprimanded me saying, “Never allow a phone call to disturb during your meal”. I was irritated at that time but now when I see how we live and how disturbed we are every time we have our meals or do any personal work.

Recently, we just finished our annual meeting and something irked me very much which I want to share. One of our very senior member started talking over the phone in the middle of the discussion and all had to wait till he finished talking over the phone. A week ago I was talking to my wife, discussing and planning when her phone rang and she started talking to the person who had called breaking the flow of our discussion.

Few days ago, I went on a whatsapp strike and called up Rajnandini to manage the group in my absence. I was so irritated that I wanted to stay away from my phone. It was a sign of typical mood swing as someone told me. I agree to her but I really very unhappy now with the way I have managed my life alongside this stupid idiot box.

One day I was talking to Avinash and I said if one day we wake up and see all our smart phones have become tiny bar phones we will wail and cry for few days missing our social networks, instant notifications, whatsapp and may be after two three years we will settle down with the bar phone feeling happy with lessened disturbances in life. There will be quite an upheaval for some time and then everything will be managed without a smart phone. I know nothing like that can ever happen but that’s just a wish I wished few days ago.

You must be thinking, why I am cribbing against my own wife? Second wife, I mean. 😛

It is because I am bit upset with her for last few days…

It has made me lazy, extremely. There are things which I used to do by walking out of my house, now I do the same thing sitting on my bed. The little bit of exercise that I used to do has stopped now.

It has made me kind of unsocial as I don’t like anyone to invade my virtual life. I love it when I am with my Facebook and Whatsapp friends. They are known to me, I agree… In that way I am very social but I somehow don’t like the face to face conversation much.

Recently, someone wanted to talk to me and get little advise from me. I asked him to ping me on Whatsapp and I rarely chat with him on there as well.

It has also made me lose my communication skills with my wife, with my relatives and friends. I get irritated easily as I don’t want to look at them or be engaged with them for a long time as I am busy on my phone.

Once my brother came to my house and after sometime he said, “I am going now, you are busy and bhabi is not there…so“. Then I realised why he said that and I kept my laptop and phone at once and started talking to him.

I know my smart phone has benefited me in many ways but it has turned me into someone which I can’t recognise myself.

Aastha says, “My phone takes care of almost everything for me.”

Preeta says, “At least for me, my smart phone has really been my knight in shining armour.”

And today I confess that, “I found a chaotic me through my smart phone“.