He is a great companion. He is always there with me. He goes wherever I go. He helps me with cooking and fixing almost all my problems in a jiffy.  Whether I want to watch a movie, go to a particular place, I just take his help. He never gets tired of my shopping (you read it right- NEVER). Nor he raises an eyebrow whenever I talk or chat with anyone. My kids go gaga to see him, though I don’t like if they get close to him. He had been my saviour many times. I just cannot imagine my life without him. And, before you come to any conclusion, just hold your horses.

I am talking about my smart pal- my smart phone. Yeah, life has become hell lot easier since they have entered into our lives. No one did ever think that these smart phones would impact so much and will become so endemic.

Somewhere in early 1990s, I saw a huge mobile phone with a long antenna on the cover page of Electronics For You magazine, featuring that they will be future means of communication. Forget just communication, today’s smart phones are doing almost everything that no one had ever imagined.

Until last month, I was living apart from my husband. Whenever needed, I did online shopping for myself, as well as for kids, using my smart phone. If I had to go somewhere, I could easily book a cab using my mobile, without depending on anyone. Chatting with friends, listening to my favourite music, watching movies, doing banking transactions, capturing my children’s milestones and sharing with family members, I did a lot with my phone.

After I relocated to Bangalore, we needed a lot of stuff for setting up our new residence. My husband and I thought that we would visit departmental stores and get everything that was required.  We did go, but regretted as we were only managing our kids, especially younger one, who was ready to grab things displayed on the shelves. Trust me; from mop and dustbins to television and refrigerator, we bought everything online, with the help of no one but my smart phone.

My sons just shifted from a joint family to a nuclear family and of course they miss their grandparents and vice-versa. There’s a video call everyday between them, they are able to see each other and are happy. Even in my family, the elderly, who are not so chat savvy, are able to see my kids through the video call, and watch them grow, courtesy our smart phones.

In my busy routine, I am not able to make a call. So, I prefer sending a message through WhatsApp.  I usually get time when my younger one is asleep and without making any noise, I am able to chat with my friends and family members.

As I conclude my article, I would like to let you know that I am using my smart phone only to write this!  At least for me, my smart phone has really been my knight in shining armour.

Happy Smart Phoning!