This week’s topic – Nostalgia and here I go – “Humaare Zamaane Mein” (in our times). Raising my daughter in a foreign land, in an environment completely alien to me, handling her tantrums over the type of shoes, clothes, accessories, parties, and a whole range of girly, kids stuff is quite an exercise. And I have unintentionally started quoting lines like “in our childhood”, “had it been my mother”, “we never threw such tantrums”, “we never had so many choices” and my daughter be like “stop it, Mom, blah blah blah”. I believe she has heard this “in our times” rant quite more often these days. But can’t help it, falling to the human tendency of comparing what’s in hand with what has elapsed.

Stepping out of my parenting shoes, as a person I really get nostalgic about the 90s TV shows. Surfing on YouTube, coming across various roast channels roasting TV serials, including reality shows it evokes a sense of nostalgia. We witnessed epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana that used to bring households under one roof and glue to the Television screens; women-centric and progressive programs like Shanti, Aarohan; informative gems like Surabhi; half-an-hour window of movie songs featured every Wednesday & Friday; Sundays were meant to be blocked for kids to be entertained by Disney characters; meaningful cinema that included regional movies as well. In short, we were served a complete package of entertainment, information, and knowledge by the two state-owned television channels. From there we have come a long way to something gross like”Rasode mein kaun tha” (who was in the kitchen). With a plethora of channels as compared to the famous (rather favorite) 90s, quantity has overridden the quality. No matter whatever channel we choose to switch, change is limited to the titles of the soaps aired but the format of everyone scheming against everyone, excessively regressive content, one central character whose role is to endure, endure and endure even more pain and the jarring background music coupled with every reaction frame is on default mode. And the less I speak about the dump of reality shows the better off I would be. To be precise we moved ahead in our calendar but marched back in times as far as our television content is concerned.

Nostalgia really stings me even when I view news channels especially portals and mediums concerning the Indian context. DD era which I would like to refer to as the 90s was the time when news had a particular time slot and what mattered was to highlight the important issues rather than sensationalism like what we have now. The type of journalism that is happening today is giving an impression to the rest of the world that India is all about communal tensions. Omission of facts from past, repeated recital of few selected unfortunate incidents connecting them to every incident, irrelevant illogical high pitched debates with more participants than the viewers themselves, branding of victims and culprits as per convenience or complete silence on matters that don’t fetch business is particularly what the media is into.  Here only the numbers and competition matters.  To cut it short – Media today is biased and here I refer to both the poles of polarisation. The 24×7 nature of news channels is only doing harm by prompting to generate news instead of reporting the same. The need to churn news anyhow is the reason why we see everything categorized as news – from the case of lost pet of a celebrity to how a minister prefers his/ her food, and not to forget the brigade of advertisements shouting at us – BUY, BUY, BUY. Objectivity is subjected to agendas and personal/ political objectives. Excuse me for ranting again but DD Era was the peaceful one.

What went wrong? The amount of junk we have been fed over the years has actually reversed our intellectual evolution, or say for the majority. When introduced it attracted masses that was viewed for relaxation. But just as any addiction grows on a person, time and again interface with the same content over different channels registered itself in the mind as a guilty pleasure – we watch, we bash and we watch to bash but watch it. And this has tapped the market for the makers, and when numbers pour in, it’s enough motivation for the production of more such content. And for more Nostalgia rant!!!

Crazy Indian family, lost watching their daily TV soap even when their house is flooded with water.

15 thoughts on “SPARE ME THE DRAMA!!!

  1. You stated some very valuable points – “we watch, we bash and we watch to bash but watch it.” How funny sometimes we are, I can’t believe even when I know something is fake or unreal, I still watch it, just for the heck of it. But yeah, DD era was so beautiful and truly nostalgic. That was the time we started watching TV and it was beautiful.

    Kudos, Kalpana

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  2. Wow! Strong words – present v/s the past. Of course, there is no comparison, but what I loved most about this post was the certain phrases you used. This was definitely a rant coupled with an honest take on how people have evolved, so has content on T.V.
    …and the “Rasode mein kaun tha” – ufff! I had to actually google it to see what it was all about :p. Be it Ekta Kapoor’s drama to Chota Bheem cartoons, content has really taken a back seat BIG TIME. That said, your daughter seems like a pretty cool (today’s generation) kid. You made me chuckle with the phrases “Humaare Zamaane Mein” and “in our childhood”. I don’t think I’ll ever use words like that :p I’m aging in reverse post 30 🙂 <I’ve stopped counting>
    Youtube today was the Chitrahaar of the ’90s.
    Excellent post Kalpana 🙂
    The words and the memories are endless when it comes to the ’90’s ❤

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  3. A applause for Kalpana 👏👏👏 I remember watching Surbhi and Shanti along with Swabhimaan. Weirdly all three start from ‘S’, before we skidded to the ‘K’ era. But I think television is obsolete now. OTT ka zamana hai. Hip Hip Hooray for Kalpana. Pun intended.

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  4. Agree completely on two points.. we hated all the sentences starting from “humane Zamane mein…..” when our parents said it and our kids detest it more..

    And DD Era news was actually good .. why because it was plain news without any opinion attached to it.. we could have our own opinions about the happenings in the world.. unlike news channels now where each news channel colours the news in the own colors..

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