Being a 90’s kid, I am fortunate enough to have spent those incredible times in the past. Now as I walk down the memory lane, I wish I could encounter a time machine to travel to those memorable days over and above. The topic “Nostalgia” has taken hold of back to that era.

There are lots of points to talk over on this particular matter. The most salient points which trigger my mind are:

  1. Telephone – Yes you heard it right, it’s telephone. Back in that decade we used to have a telephone of various colors which used to consist  of number keys and contained a spiral cord connecting with the receiver. We used to sit or maybe stand at a certain place and then speak with the person calling from the other side.
  2. Black and White Television – Yes, the black and white television used to add color to our life. Watching songs, movies, and other stuff in ‘Doordarshan’ with family was the best source of entertainment of our times. Staying away from my parents in a distant land made my heart full of nostalgia.
  3. Greeting cards – Yes, greeting cards. Do you remember creating hand-crafted greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas, new year, and so on used to feel so special? Nowadays, delivering a short message cannot be as special as it used to be. We felt joy in collecting and counting the number of cards each and every year.
  4. Playing Ludo : Don’t you find it boring to play Ludo on a smartphone? If you ask me then, oh definitely. I would love to play ludo manually instead. It’s so much fun looking at the expressions of everyone while playing. 

What to count and what not to. There are several points that are approaching my mind. Going to schools and tuition to study used to be far more fascinating than studying online. Going outdoors and playing any kind of sports was much more fascinating than playing PUBG. Buying cassettes to listen to songs on the radio used to feel so captivating. It sounds like such an interesting time. Isn’t it? 

“It’s not about old vs new, it’s about which feels better.”

I wish I could revert back to the retro world and start living once again.