Grrrrr mmbbllliiinnggggg – THE DAILY DOSE OF AN EVERYDAY LIFE



  1. to complain about someone or something in an annoyed manner

“Grumbling is a virtue of the weak-minded not of the strong-willed”

…wait! Don’t pounce on me just yet – Think about it…

Jog your memory a little and try to remember the last person you’ve heard grumbling, just because they had to do something extra for someone else.

Now try and understand what could be the reason behind the request?

  • Inability?
  • Time constraint?
  • The virtue of you being capable of doing the job better? You’re simply better at doing it?

An able, active and a normal person wouldn’t mind going the extra..aaamile in doing something for another person, it’s not like you’re told to climb the Himalayas to fetch a pail of water and come back.

“It is the little things we do for people that make life a better place to live in”

1. The child is asked by his mother to bring a glass of water because she’s thirsty but he’s busy on his mobile phone in the middle of a game…

What is going to be his reaction?

2. An employer tells his employee to finish the allotted work given to him and go home.. its nearing closing time but you’re nowhere close to the end…

What’s his reaction going to be?

Grumble (1)

Nothing is ever be achieved by grumbling.

Grumbling leads to Frustration

                        Frustration leads to Pressure

                                                    Pressure leads to Stress

                                                                Stress ultimately leads to sickness…

…and it’s only all downhill from there.

Now, do we really want to go down that road?

How about getting the job done… and move on? Sounds a much better option now, doesn’t it? 

Everyone grumbles – Yes! It is part of basic human behavior. It’s just that some people do it a lot more than others and are also strangely good at it, not so pleasant though to the person(s) hearing the constant grumbling!

I grumble too (mostly in the mind) – I am human after all, but like the so many things I am working on in my personal life… I am still ‘work in progress’. I am only getting better with time

Tip: If you have someone around you who grumbles as if their life depends on it – Do Not React! Walk away if you must, Ignore if you have too… there is no cure. They say as you mature, you understand life better and complain less about the things around you… But with some people, it works the other way round, and that’s certainly not good news.

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