As a ritual, every single year – the last week of the year (around this time) I will unfailingly, FORMAT my Android phone and re-install all the apps. I do not break my head to retrieve the contacts that are lost via the whole formatting procedure. If they’re gone, they’re gone for a purpose-probably they were never meant to be there in the first place.

That’s my simple way of saying to myself – Here I go again… same old, YES – but a new beginning.

Relationships change, so do people-and having one’s phone crowded with people’s numbers is not something that I fancy, hence the yearly exercise. Does it feel good? Oh hell yeah! There’s a thrill in starting over!

I’ve always believed ‘something’ HAS to end… for something else beautiful to start. People tend to hold onto things, photographs, memories, and gadgets – like they are body parts. Attachments can be really BAD. The lesser we attach to things and people, the happier we will be

Give it a chance and see the difference.

My friends always say:

We really do not know what to gift you, because we don’t really know what you’re fond of.

If you ask me, I do not know either coz I’m attached to nothing or no one in particular. I do love being around a certain type of people, or enjoy doing a certain kind of activity from time to time… but I’ll move on to something else that catches my fancy, that’s just ME and I really love that part of me, coz that way I am never really bored/disappointed.

I do not put my happiness in other people’s hands, I do simple everyday things that make me happy, things that we tend to miss with the hectic lives that we lead.

I am someone who lives for the moment, I do not capture memories on my phone or on a camera lens, I simply live them. Another trait that makes me unique is: with me around, you will never know “What’s coming next” and while I tend to remain calm at most times, I can surprise even myself on a good day.

9th January 1982, began my journey on this Earth, and while that has been one start to the life that I’ve been living ever since – I have had many re-starts, and subsequent endings along the way, only to realise it was time to start again… it has helped me grow as a person, to learn the lesson and be the better version of myself next time round.

I do not wish for great things, nor do I look back on what went right or wrong, for whatever happens – happens for a reason. I’ve made it this far… I’ll make it ahead too, probably an extraa…aaamile or two, and if I have the right company, a hand to hold in this journey forward – nothing like it!

For every End has a beautiful beginning – may THAT beginning be not necessarily at the start of the year, but even the start of a week or as early as tomorrow.

A NEW DAY is a new beginning.