Do you know what it is like being a 90’s born kid?

If you think it is boring, then you certainly do not know what it meant to be a child back then. I was born in 1995 and trust me I have seen so many wonderful things during my childhood, that today’s kids will never get to witness. Right from some cool cartoon shows to Treat JimJam biscuits, 90’s kids had the best childhood days.

We were literally the kids who saw the world transition from cable landline telephones to high-tech mobile phones. You know, at home we had that rectangular landline telephone with number pads and a spiral cord connecting the receiver.

And back then, we didn’t roam around while speaking on the telephone. We used to either sit or stand at a place and then speak to the person on the other side. I still miss having a landline phone.

These days, we have several online food delivery services to deliver scrumptious food at our doorsteps. However, during those days, there were no such services. Still, we enjoyed relishing our food. Every Sunday morning, my uncle used to take me and my cousins to the eatery shop in the nearby market to buy kachori and chutney. In the evening, one of the family members was chosen to bring hot samosas and gulab jamun.

Back in the day, we didn’t have social media platforms to share memes and update our whereabouts. Children would look forward to playing with other kids in our society and sharing the highlights of the day. I remember, from 2000-2005 whenever there was a power cut, we used to sit outside our houses along with neighbors and tell stories to each other. Children would recite poems, play around or listen to the radio.

Every Sunday morning, my cousins and I used to watch MAD, a show on the POGO channel in which we learned various crafts skills. On Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed watching Baby Looney Toons, one of my favorite cartoon shows. It is not just cartoon shows that excited us, there were so many TV serials that made our day. Shararat, Son Pari, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Mum Tum N Hum, Hum Paanch, and Tu Tu Main Main – really kept us glued to the TV. Those were the days when TV had lots of content to cater to the audience.

In fact, there were so many chocolates and toffees that we used to have. Now I can hardly find them. Even if I find some of them, they either no longer have the same taste or come with some different packaging or names.

If I sit and count…. then the list won’t end as the box of memories is never-ending

Once you open the memory box, you won’t feel like closing it. Some memories make us lively and remind us that even though things have changed, there was a time when we were happy and lived life to the fullest. Perhaps, therefore, we often cherish our memories. Every time I look back to those golden days, I wish to relive those days once again.