I was born in the ’70s and a decade before the nostalgic ’80s and ‘s90 that we are discussing this week. So I had a fair bit of memory and knowledge of how the time of the ’80s and ’90s were, a little better than most of my co-writers.

Being a music lover, my ears usually get stretched towards it whenever I hear it even faintly. And in connection with music two or three such things that I really miss as I recall them today.

We had a big black box in my maternal grandparent’s house where I spent most of my childhood days. I have seen the elder brother of my maternal grandfather tuning or rotating a big knob of that black box to let it produce loud music or songs or news for our exciting and eager ears. Let me tell you, he was the tech guy of that time who was an expert in operating that machine.

You guessed it right. I am talking about a Radio. I truly miss that one gadget, today though I rarely had the opportunity to handle it on my own. Because when I had the capacity of owning one, the era of Radio moved back or I moved ahead of it, leaving it behind me as a memory. That black Radio was even bigger than my 14 inches laptop screen and thicker than two toasters. It was heavy and we kids were not allowed to touch it. We were screamed at whenever we were found in the vicinity of that machine, the same way we scream at the kids today when they approach our office laptops. Oh, I am sure they were possessive, I mean, my grandfather and co were so very possessive about that machine of theirs.

Nostalgic Gadget called – Radio

Then came one more gadget, which was a bit advanced than the Radio. The tech guy tag was shifted from my grandfather’s generation to the generation of my uncles. We kids were amazed to see a tongue-like plate opens up with the press of a button and a strange bread-like thing was put inside that opening before it was pushed back to close. And when the play button is pressed music was heard.

The gadget’s name was fondly known as Two-in-one or Cassette Player along with Radio. My Aunt had one Cassette-Player only and I had the opportunity to use it. I was so delighted to play it in my lonely time those days. It was my friend in need.

National Panasonic Cassette Player with a bread-like cassette inside it which I got to use.

Sooner when we were grown up, we found something called a Walkman but were so unaffordable. How I longed to possess one and when I really had one you won’t believe how excited and delighted I was. I used to put on the headphones and listen to my songs and so many times I was scolded for using it more than a fixed time as set by my aunt.

The Walkman, which never walked.

Now, the bread-like cassettes are extincted. The big black box, the twin one, and the small box called, Walkman are all gone. They were only in my, our memory. Thanks to the Internet that we can still see by searching the previously uploaded images of them. But I truly miss them at times when I recall how beautiful friends they were during my growing-up times.

Friends! How about you? Would you mind sharing with us in the comment box?

Stay Blessed!