Prompt: He opened the library book and found a photo in it…

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He opened the library book and found a photo in it. Koshi smiled with a light sigh as he realised how the photograph spoke to his present situation.

The letter that had greeted him that morning read thus –

“The management deeply regrets having to inform you that your services stand terminated with effect from the first day of the next month. You will be adequately compensated as per the conditions of service.”

It left him speechless. He felt his hands and feet go numb. As a lump formed in his throat, he mustered enough strength to walk out of the office building into the library across the road.

He didn’t intend to read anything that day. He couldn’t.

With thoughts ricocheting within his head, he grabbed a book from the topmost shelf and opened it to find a fascinating photograph of a rainbow in a cloudless sky.

It spelled HOPE!



3 thoughts on “IT SPELLED HOPE!

  1. Without hope, we really can’t fathom a step ahead. And the situation you have explained here was exactly how it is happening in this world, today. Hope in the Almighty, to be frank, is the only source of calmness that we can find for our life. Well presented, Rajnandini.

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  2. Rajnandini you u have captured the current scenario so well…there are so many people I know who are facing this unfortunate situation… This is an apt msg for all of us .. Hope hang on to it and look towards the future..

    Beautifully written story.. just loved it..

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