Love is an Expensive Trap. 😜

Being a fresh collegian, he always believed love is an expensive trap. Why waste your day just because your partner isn’t in a good mood or has some personal tension. Whereas he had no clue that just in a couple of years gap, one day at a time he will be the prey of that expensive trap.

Falling in Love is Emotionally Upheaval. 😄

It was in a student meeting of an inter-college camp he first saw her but being lost in his world he didn’t notice her much that day. A couple of weeks later the preparation for the inter-college camp started and there they became casual friends. As the preparation was of a week-long routine they meet daily. It was his first feeling of being close enough to a girl and there he got the new naïve emotional upheaving for a particular girl. The romantic vibes were slowly peeping into them and the desire of being together become more tangible. Somewhere the subconscious mind started humming the romantic songs of the 90s. Deep inside both of them desired to seat close enough and the break hours felt the two free birds flying together in an endless blue sky. The search for excuses for the random long talk was visible to others and they became the last people return from break. Even in practice time being lost in their world, they started sharing headphones and listening to the afternoon love songs streamed by the Radio FM Radio Chocolate. It was for the first time; he sent an SMS request to Radio FM and dedicated his favourite song from the Bollywood movie Mann for her. Though the rest of the campmates started teasing them but all they excused “It’s Just Friendship”.

She loved to listen to him and He loved to tell her.🥰

It was that fine early December winter morning the camp began. It was like the day they waited for, the more they were approaching their city junction the more they felt the speed of time is too slow. They meet and their two glowing smiling faces were too loudly saying, ‘It was a too-long night, I was just waiting for you.’ Likely getting a golden opportunity, due to some technical issues the camp started too late and he seized the opportunity to unfold his life story in tits and bits. She loved to listen to him and he loved to tell her. Somehow, someway that day passed by too early and the time to depart was at the door. He left her whispering, tonight I will be in my auntie’s home so give me a missed call once you reach home. All night he was just rewinding the whole day and talks and looks they had. As the clock belled 10 AM, he sneaked to the terrace since it was the perfect time to phone her as she will be in college and they had more than an hour conversation on phone. At every quarter, there was either a call or a chat. The very next day was their first date.

That fine January winter evening.

Understanding both of their strong feelings for each other, on his birthday his cousin demanded both for a gift and the demand was “PROPOSE EACH OTHER”. Almost after a month, one fine winter evening they proposed to each other.

It’s time for the twists and turns.

Gradually dating and hanging-out happened regularly. As someone rightly said, in small towns love stories aren’t easy to hide. As a defense it is said, don’t act like a cat thinking no one can see you stealing the milk. As his parents strongly opposed them, the twists and turns appeared. Amidst long years of frequent unpleasant situations, many worries, and family oppositions he strongly defended her thinking one-day at time things going to fall into the proper place. It is rightly said, “Man proposes, God disposes”. Because the future is known to God, not to man!

There comes the scene-stealer.

Though his urge and commitments for her were visible to her yet like a little casual attitude is enough to break a glass and the saddest part is, though you glue the broken glass, the mark and threat of another break are always visible. In the later year of their love story like the scene-stealer, a third guy quietly enters one afternoon steals his prey for the night and the love story ends unfolding many bitter truths. The next day to that horrific afternoon, he meets her parents and there’s he sees her mask of pretense. He was a complete stranger to her parents. They were only aware of the scene-stealer and they warned her about him. But for her, it was her one casual attitude that was powerful enough to crop her wings and imprison her forever.

To defend a lie, you need to cook stories.

In the end, his telephonic conversations with her cousin appeared voice modulated telephonic conversation and family holidays were the dates with the scene-stealer.

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Imagine the late 90’s… Young me in my first job. First, brush with the Internet. Luckily nature of our organization was such that we had unlimited access to the Internet. Life was fun with loads of work spiced with chat rooms and chat friends. Visual Basic was open in one window and the chat room open in another window (I know what you are thinking we did some good amount of work also). Actually, that was our window to the outside world. Met lots of girls and boys and chatted away on every topic under the sun. But as it happens some are bound to linger on longer and become good friends.

One of them was a guy in armed forces. And I was besotted with men in uniform. If you have grown up in the vicinity of IMA or NDA you will understand why I said that. We found that these Gentlemen Cades (GCs) were always more of a gentleman as compared to the boys we used to see in college or our neighbourhood.

Coming back to the story. I chatted with him daily. Even though he belonged to the same city as me currently he was posted at some far-off location. We became very good friends. We exchanged multiple messages or emails in a day. Even though I loved chatting with him there was no romantic nature to our talks.

As days progressed, he told his younger sister about me. She was very excited to meet me. She wanted to speak to me. So, I gave my number (remember these are the days of landlines only and one of the extensions of these landlines are always in parents room). Eventually, she called. I spoke to her at length. She was a pleasant chirpy girl. What I didn’t know that my Dad had heard the conversation and couldn’t figure out who this girl was as she was not one of my friends.

Anyways I was asked about her and I blurted out the whole story. Now comes the twist. I was not admonished or anything. Since he was from the same caste or religion as us and was obviously eligible. My parents thought he could be a good match for me. My parents met his mother (his father was no more). I met his sister. Saw his photo for the first time (imagine! How naïve!). And everyone seemed to like each other. Now that the families had put the idea into our minds. Our talks obviously turned romantic. He was coming home for the holidays. The wait began. 

I suddenly started liking “Kaho na pyaar hai…” songs. All mushy mushy.

When he actually came home. He called to meet me in a restaurant. That is where he dropped the bombshell that his family was the carrier of a rare genetic disease and he was a carrier of the gene. But if I didn’t have that gene then our progeny won’t get affected. Me the forever optimistic was okay with it… He said he was worried about his sister though as she was a female carrier and so chances of it being passed on to her progeny are very high. That will make her marriage very tough. I still thought it was no big deal and we will brave out whatever life has in store for us.

So all seemed set in our relationship. When one fine evening he called and said that his whole extended family was admonishing him that how can he think of his own marriage when his sister’s future was bleak… he had responsibilities towards his family… he was being selfish… he was thinking only about himself… the list of accusations was long…

And he called it off. 

My father was livid. He just exploded on him. No amount of talking or cajoling from my side changed his stance. And he just dropped out of my life. I was really heartbroken at that time. I didn’t understand what hit me. I was wholeheartedly ready to support him then why was I being punished.

But as they say, some things are not meant to be.

It is a sweet little episode in my memory now. Maybe we both were very young at that point of time to make such huge decisions in our lives.

I got to know from a common acquaintance that he and his sister both are happily married now. And me, I too am blissfully living with my hubby and kids.


An eighteen years old girl – cluelessly, hopelessly romantic, believed in celluloid romance. She met a guy through a common friend. Thanks to the well-knit colonies everyone knows everyone through someone. And when she introduced the girl to boy, the girl found him to be perfect – handsome, witty, well mannered – in short, a character right out of her favourite romantic novel and movies.

Their interaction started over the phone. Soon the conversations progressed from pleasantry exchanges to deep conversations. She fell for him. His charm swept her off her feet. And she sensed reciprocation of her feelings every time he would smile, spoke to her for hours over the phone. When they agreed to meet on 14th February… A day that needs no explanation for why it is celebrated, she was very excited and elated.

She dressed carefully, wanted to look her best for she never had confidence in her looks prior to that meeting. They met outside her college, went to a nearby restaurant. Amidst their casual conversation, he gave her a box of chocolates. She was over the moon for this was her first gift ever from a person of the opposite sex. It was all hunky dory but the feelings were still not spoken about directly. But this meant something to her.

She now looked forward to talking to him, searched for excuses to meet him. But then came the moment when her world of dreams came crashing down. In one such meeting he asked her “I think you started loving someone, isn’t it true?”. All she could do is to blush as she lowered her gaze and nods in affirmation. But without her speaking out he knew that her feelings are attached to him and he made an announcement ” but I am already seeing someone for a long time now”. And that moment of truth came as a shock to the girl who nursed dreams about “them” being together. She didn’t let a teardrop from her eye and even didn’t let the smile fade away from her lips. When her friends got to know about this they felt sad for her but she resolved not to cry though the pain was hard to contain. Her own family issues demanded a lot of her time and focus that she made sure she isn’t stopping.

Their conversations were limited now. They got busy in their respective lives. But they met casually after four years. This time she was careful of not getting carried away by emotions unnecessarily for life is giving her so many lessons to learn from. The first question she posed was “how’s she doing?”. And there was a twist in the tale – they were not together anymore. “Could this mean anything?, Could this meeting mean anything?” Questions of this nature ruffled her thoughts. But this time she wasn’t letting her imagination take over her right senses.

And her stance proved to be helpful to her as the guy she was once interested in fell for her best friend when she introduced her friend to him. Now they are happily married and this girl is also hitched and is in wedlock with a beautiful family. And of course, the girl, the boy and her best friend are very good friends. Interesting fact: best friend knows that this girl once had feelings for her husband. This seems weird on paper but their equation is as pure as it could, they all laugh now how things have taken a turn.

The questions though remain: is it a foolish thing to be hopelessly romantic? Was the girl at fault to decipher and perceive things differently? Was the boy at fault by being so nice that could give false signals? Can people still be friends after being friend-zoned? And how cool is the best friend of that girl 😁😁?

PS: true story, names confidential


Mushy love stories/experiences, right? That’s what you all want to hear and read from me?

Let’s begin then. 🙂


I was hardly 13 years old when I saw her. She was pretty and was fair. Her smile is very soothing and calming. And I definitely wanted to talk to her. All others were talking to her but I was too naive and afraid of talking to her. My aunt was a teacher and all her colleagues who were my teachers too, know me pretty well and I should not be caught talking to a girl by any one of them. Moreover, my friends will laugh at me, tease me for sure if they see me talking to a girl. That is considered a taboo as the pupils of local language medium schools were not that broad-minded like the pupils from English medium schools. All I could do was stealing glances with her. She would smile looking at me and I will do the same. She was not a bright student. She studied with us because she failed in the grade/class to which we were promoted. And later when we were promoted further to the higher classes she failed again and probably left the school. I had no idea about what happened to her later. But my eyes definitely did fall in love with her. ;P

A crush always supposed to be crushed sooner or later and so did my crush for that pretty girl was crushed…one incident concerning her will definitely make you go nuts if you read it HERE


I don’t know whether she had ever fallen in love with me or not, but we were in no position to fall in love with each other. I mean to fan the love for each other as the conditions or life situations were such. But I still can’t forget the letter she had written to me. The letter came through someone who didn’t know what is there inside it, thankfully. And when I opened it and read it, I felt so warm and loved and cared and mushy, as Preeta calls it. 

She wrote I am an epitome of simplicity and I should not change myself ever. I hope I am still the same. But I remember I wept so much reading that letter, knowing that we were in no position to express each other’s love for one another though we definitely acknowledged God’s plans for both of our respective future lives. Probably, I will consider her as my first love and that feeling which I had for her was suppressed deep down in my heart. 


Oh yeah, I finally confessed my love to a girl I fell in love with.

My heart used to skip and beat faster when I used to see her in the morning… When she used to look at me from far, we used to exchange smiles before she goes back to her department and settles down. Later as the day progresses she comes to my department… I see her but I wait for her to come to my desk after she finishes her works with others…  she comes and sits in front of me, smiling she asks, “How are you…?” Then we continue talking with each other till we realize its time to concentrate on our works. She returns back to her desk.

The same drill went on for two months. And the life seemed so dreamy and flowery. I finally broke the silence and poured out my heart confessing my love for her. She smiled and said she feels the same. Her signal was grey, I took it as more towards white, but it was actually more tilted towards black that I realised after another two months. She started ignoring me and avoiding me. I broke down. That was the worst Christmas that I spent in my life, the account of which you can find it, HERE.


I really don’t like to get reminded of this incident ever in my life. I had never spoken about it openly before as well. We somehow found each other’s landline numbers. We didn’t have our own mobile phones at that time. And all we knew about each other was by hearing our voices. I won’t say, I fell in love with her but I did have the interest to know more about her. She had a lovely voice and she was actually very sweet.  

After a few days, we decided to meet up with each other in a very filmy style. I told her, I will be wearing a blue shirt and she told me she will be wearing a blue dress and will be holding a blue umbrella. I took a Dairy Milk Cadbury bar for her and she had her image and a letter written for me.

We met in the railway station, we had a conversation before I took the return train to my place but was unhappy. Unhappy because she was absolutely very sweet but may not be according to what I expected. She was a very good girl and immensely matured. She understood that I lost interest in her and we parted unceremoniously. 

I had never committed to her, I had not fallen for her but the interest I arouse in her for me was not the right thing which I did. It was my biggest mistake. I have never done that with anyone else and I still hold myself responsible for hurting her feelings. 

Later, I saw her at a conference with her friends. She was looking different and good. I felt happy to see her that way. I don’t know whether she had seen me or not, but I moved away from that place. I truly hoped and prayed for her betterment and a life partner much better than me. 

As I was recollecting these mushy or slushy love experiences over a period of 14 years, I was wondering why I had to go through such experiences in my life, especially the last one. But I can say that these experiences made me more sensitive towards the feelings of an individual, whoever he or she may be. I can guarantee, the way I can understand a person’s heart now, no one else can.  Through all these silly, crazy, loving, sweet and idiotic experiences God wanted to teach me and train me for a better human being in regards to knowing a person’s heart and his or her emotions. Later in life, I got married and met an ample number of women in-person or virtually and these experiences definitely helped me to deal with every one of them in a better way.

In the end, I can say, the Crush always makes me laugh, the Letter I always cherish in my heart, the Confession always makes me learn more about a woman or human being in general, and the Mistake always makes me regret and sad… *Sighs* 😦

Friends! Do you relate to my experiences? Some of you, maybe, as the Bible says, “Just as water reflects the face, so one human heart reflects another“. 

Stay blessed!


I am in my thirties, married for more than 10 years and have a 6 year old son. But I don’t think I still can clearly define what really love is. I know for sure that love is one of the most misused words today.

However, in my life span I have had my set of complicated relationships, feeling of being “in love” and heartbreaks. And as part of this, I have done enough crazy stuff some of which is funny and some of which I wish had never happened. Particularly the school life is full of such crazy things because during teens when hormones are raging high, the feeling of love is highly over-rated.

My school life was in Dehradun and all my teen years in school were spent in “girls only” school. Having no brothers or close-to-my-age-group cousins – I practically had no interaction with boys. I was livingwith my older sister already in professional life, ready to get married and two of my cousins – both were in college and hence had a much “cooler” life than mine.

I was the youngest at home studying in class X when I already started feeling the need to have a boyfriend because my sister’s lives were so happening and I wanted to experience the same.

Though I am quite clear that whatever I felt during that time wasn’t love, it was just infatuation which was quite elaborated by me and my friends. On that note, let me recount one of the crazy episodes during Class XII.

Class XII – the pressure was super high. The boards, JEE, engineering entrances and the competition – all of which was driving me crazy. This pressure made me join coaching classes for the first time. I was super determined to get through IIT and with all the high hopes I joined the institute named Doon Ace.

The institute was near my school and we decided that me and my friend would stay back after school, spend an hour in school studying and then proceed to the coaching. I would come back home only late evening to sleep for a while and get to studies again till late night. So, you see with this kind of schedule and sincerity that I had towards my studies – there was hardly any room left for “love”.

But I happened to stumble upon this feeling during my coaching classes. There was one particular boy who was just an acquaintance then and for I found him quite attractive. He was quite charming and I somewhat ended up trying to make friends with him. However I knew that he had a girlfriend and so I had to keep my feelings to myself. I did exactly that. Though I told my friend about this and in no time both of us ended up spending all the time after school talking about the boys in the coaching class. Studies and preps for IIT took a back seat.

Few days later I heard that he broke up with his girlfriend. It was quite a news since he and his girlfriend was one of the famous couples of the town. I remember feeling quite concerned about both of them when I heard of this news. But quite soon this guy was more available and open now. He started talking to rest of the class and he started coming to coaching quite early.

I found this new opportunity to get closer to him and I started going to coaching 15 mins early in a hope to find some lone time with him. Few days I did that and we started talking about stuff. I learnt a little bit more about him and started sharing a bit more about myself. The girls in my school who were his friends started talking about this new friendship that was sort of budding. That gave me hints that he must be talking about me. We exchanged our phone numbers and though there was no reason to call him, I was still happy to have it. That was time of landlines and caller IDs were just getting popular.

In September that year my birthday was on a Saturday and I reached my coaching early to meet him as usual. I hadn’t told him my birthday but I was happily surprised when he presented me a greeting card. I remember I didn’t understand a word in my coaching class that day. Almost all my time was now spent wondering what he feels for me and why was he treating me special. I slowly started looking for reasons to call him on Sundays or in late evenings. Hearing his voice on phone was such a pleasure that I started giving him blank calls just to listen to his voice.

This continued for a while and then one day before the class, he came quite close to me and said – “By the way, I have a caller ID at home.” And he winked. I just froze and probably turned red. “Oh my god, he knows how I feel for him. He knows it all.” I skipped going early for the next few days because I was just too embarrassed. He didn’t pursue me any further. This distance helped me figure out how badly I was distracted and letting my preparations get affected. I gave up coaching classes sometime in October and this episode came to an end. Although I felt really rejected that he never tried to contact me at all and wanted to know why he did so.

Years later after I got married, I ran into him again. He lived in the same society in Bangalore where I was living with my husband. This time we genuinely became good friends and also shared what happened during school days. He explained why he didn’t pursue our friendship even though he liked me. He had his reasons and I understood them now as an adult. That was good to know as I got closure to that incomplete episode. And we ended up having a good laugh at our stupidities of school time.


They say first love is the true love and last love, but this was not so in my case. My first love ended up as a failure where there were too many restrictions, besides being at the age of immaturity. Though the relationship lasted long, it couldn’t survive and I was pretty much sure that I am not going to fall in love again. However, I was proved wrong when a phone call came.

It wasn’t a typical crank call, but the person knew quite much about me, which was very surprising. Scared and disturbed I was initially and hence I tried to ignore. But, the guy kept calling me. I tried every trick to keep the calls away, but each one failed. He actually threatened me to call my parents and then take their permission to talk to me, for he wanted to marry me. I was in no mood of marrying at that time and was afraid what if he really called them up. Not taking any chances, I agreed to talk to him. Gradually I got used to his calls and there came a time when I actually fell in love again. Yes, I was in love with a voice basically, because I didn’t know anything about that guy, who he was or where he lived. Strange, yet true! My friends used to tease me and would say, “Is that guy for real? Does he exist in real life?”

Once I confronted him, he agreed to meet me. He seemed to be a nice guy, but he remained a mystery as I didn’t know about him, his family, doubt if he even told me his real name or not! Then all of a sudden, the frequency of his calls lessened and he gave the excuse of his mother who was upset with our relationship. I have no clue whether he was telling the truth or not, but at that point of time, I had to believe whatever he said. The mystery came to an end when I couldn’t connect to his phone number.

Throughout my break-ups, one thing that remained constant was this best friend of mine with whom I could share my woes and became my soulmate eventually. Though we couldn’t be each other’s first love, we remain each other’s ‘last love’ and ‘love forever’.

As the classic quote says, “First love is important, but last love is very important. Because, first love changes the nature and last love changes the life.”


What happens when two perfect strangers meet up on a socializing site in a quest to know each other? Ever thought of the idea that two strangers who didn’t know the other existed (until they found each other) turn out to be two people who care for each other and enjoy each other’s company, and maybe fall in love? – 8 months down the line … and counting – to eventually find out it was only 10 kms that set us apart from each other.  Strange as it may seem – Marriages are not the only relationship’s that are made in heaven (as toast-masters claim to say at weddings) – but Friendships are made there too, and its only left to us to find each other on Earth – and in “her” I found a true companion, a faithful friend and a wonderful extended family – It was about “ us “ – and our journey as it started and how it continued to move on, early as we may called it – This was our story – our new beginning – our friendship… which started in the virtual world, facing a computer screen, developed into telephone calls, and eventually blossoming into a beautiful understanding of being with each other – be it in person or having each other in thoughts, it is the pleasure of having someone you can call your ‘ own special friend ‘ your  ‘own special someone’.

I introduce you to “her” -sweet, cute, sensitive, and having an adorable smile, the elder of two sisters, mum & dad. She was one of the cutest gals I’d met, it took me 27 years to have found this ‘pearl’, hiding somewhere in the midst of a quiet & picturesque village of our very own Goa. As for myself, I resided in the midst of the hustle-bustle commercial capital of Goa, the younger of 2 siblings.

It all started on a hot lazy afternoon, it was a Sunday I recollect-logged on to the google server, logged onto the orkut network, browsed through all the pretty goan girl profiles, stumbled onto one certain profile which caught my eye, and what did I see? A display picture showing of a petite young girl, sitting by the staircase – I thought to myself  ‘we should be friends’ typed along a scrap which said

‘hi, like to be friends?’

a few days passed and I received a reply – then on what started with a single scrap reply, we exchanged mobile numbers and got talking to each other. On getting to know each other better, we got to know that the families knew each other way before we met. Call it a slice of luck, or destiny – it seemed we were meant to meet.

It was not long before, that we were to meet in person after long hours of talk, frequent exchange of sms’s – All of this thanks to the friendly AIRTEL network – which went by its then tagline “Express Yourself”. THE DAY had finally arrived – I awoke wee hours into the morning, in anticipation of how the day would unfurl, a little bit of nervousness, a little bit of excitement, filling my day with all the positive vibes. Everything seemed fine, I was now feeling a little confident as her bus neared to its halt, and there got down 2 young girls – as I watched from a corner which of the two could be “her” – then came that adorable smile from a distance, at once I knew she was the one! It seemed she recognized me, even before I could lay my eyes on her. She was this cute girl next-door type, innocent smile, and a sparkle in her eye, at that moment, it all seemed that life had come to a standstill. We spoke all the way back to her place, driving through a busy highway, lush green fields to finally reach her hometown – a good 25-minute drive from town, I didn’t speak much, I thought I’d give her a chance and I would listen.. and boy! wasn’t I not disappointed.

I met the parents and as serious as it sounded “meeting the parents”, the reality was quite the opposite. Her parents came across as people who on talking to could put anyone at ease almost immediately; it did not seem as if we were meeting for the first time. While conversations flew amidst smiles and small talk, “she” was standing beside me all the while-little did I realize….

The feeling of having someone stand really close to you… is kind of un-explainable; it surely was for me those few moments. Time surely passes by fast when you’re having a good time, we were nearing dusk.

We spoke, we met, the families met-what was next I thought? I spotted her again the coming week at Church, talk of distractions… there she was, she had left her hair lose; she looked quite the stunner! …dressed very well in an off-white blouse and skirt, walking confidently to her seat-as my eyes followed her direction.

While bumping into each other at Church services wasn’t really enough of “we” time, we thought we’d take a few time out of a day and spend it with each other. As I made a dash to the main door, dad called out. On turning back – he just smiled, I knew what that smile meant, it is after all a father-son thing! On reaching her residence to pick her up, greeted her folks and set off no sooner – her mom wished us a great time. Something about parents sensing the obvious, though we were keeping it really cool.

An evening to look forward to..

On deciding where to start off with, we thought we’d head down to the beach stretch. No sooner we reached, we were among jolly goans enjoying a Sunday evening at the beach-we decided we’d walk by the shoreline, as we walked, we talked-we were not quiet there! But as we shared, we got to know each other better… time ticked, and it seemed my tummy was asking me questions (didn’t quite know if it was just butterflies or hunger) – I took the more obvious choice, and asked “her” if she’s like to join me for dinner. We both agreed on a place  by the beach would have a lot of nosey goans trying to figure out permutations-combinations about ‘us’, hence we drove on to the more quieter  side of the village side-and parked into one such simple yet elegant restaurant – A quiet dim-lit restaurant catering to  the ‘special ones’, who liked their evening to be just perfect. The night seemed special for the simple reason that we had each other for company, the food and drink did not matter-the music played along as we ate at ease with water-melon juice to accompany. As we continued on into the night, we drove by the lonely roads of GOA, leading us from one beach road to the other. I then put my arm around her, as she laid her head by my shoulder, as the wind blew through the window, getting us into what was a now a very romantic mood setting. As we went along, what we did not realize was that time caught up on us-it was past midnight, and it was getting way past bedtime, hence we drove home to a smiling mum & dad at the gate (to my surprise), not before she gave me a kiss on my cheek to only say

I had a wonderful time’

No sooner than we met for the first time… Many more meetings, that brought us closer to each other in many ways than one……a few months down the line, yes! We hit it off, and we hit off so well – that anyone who saw us together would say that we were in love with each other, well we were, at times we held hands, and other times I put my arm around her-we kept sending lovey dovey sms’s to each other, exchanged feelings openly, went shopping together…. You get the picture!! Parents meet parents, questions were asked by neighbors. To an extent that even an out station trip was done especially for time to be spend together with each other, future plans were being chalked out about marriage, housing, and children and our future in general. We moved at fast pace, and in all I wasn’t even aware we went that far – Thankfully not that far that we could not return back!! To sum it all, I had to apply the brakes – Somewhere! Somehow!

I took it all out on ‘her’, I broke the heart of the girl who I was made KinG of and ruled her kingdom until that day!

Not exactly with words said, but deafening silence….with no explanations given!

It was the 1st day of a new year!  …..

What did I do? Was I even thinking then? Wait! I wasn’t thinking at all in the first place! I surely wasn’t aware of what I did, but life went on. It was here that Life taught me the lesson, but only after the mistake was made. Could I have done it any other way – Maybe I could have, but Life does not give us a second chance, does it?

Many years have passed, and time has healed (or maybe not) many of the wounds I had left open, the world keeps ticking by, one day at a time.

She said:

“It’s difficult to go back being friends, when you meant much more than a friend to me all this while”

I did not understand those words then, when all I thought it was just a simple thing to do, REWIND and everything will come back to the way it was … How wrong was I? It happens only in the movies, Life has no re-takes! Today we are both on the same social network, yet not connected.

“Love Stories are meant to end well, mine certainly did not – Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy and they fall in Love-have their differences-get back together. But then comes reality, and I lived it at different stages in moments, with silver sprinkled all over.

Are we friends or are we not? Or do we hate each other? I do not know, I have never asked her, and never will. This was my story. Edited yet very much true.