Couldn’t have a better weekend”, I said to myself, as I was on my way back from a weekend stay in a resort. I was accompanied by me and myself. Yeah! It was a solo trip and I had the greatest break of my life after the pandemic got over. It was such a calm and relaxing experience that I felt rejuvenated and pampered. The lazy mornings, nature walks, and the peppy evenings added to the bliss. 

Ma’am, we have arrived”, said the cab driver, as I was lost in my daydreams about the trip. 

I got down and headed for my home. I rang the doorbell. 

No answer. 

Are they still sleeping?” I wondered about my husband and kids. 

I took out my mobile phone and called my hubby. 

No answer. 

Tired, I took out my house keys and opened the lock. 

Oh, My My!” I shouted as I couldn’t believe what I saw. 

My house was all topsy-turvy. The drawers and cupboards were open, the furniture was haywire, and everything was lying on the floor. 

Was it an earthquake? How come I didn’t know? Robbery? Where’s everyone? 

Millions of questions were erupting in my mind and my heart was racing hard. 

I wanted to shout and call out my husband and kids, but it seemed I lost my voice. 

Crash! I heard glass breaking into pieces. 

Mummaaa… ”, cried my younger son. 

Whaaaattttt”, I got up with a jolt. 

Get up mumma, I spilled the cereals as the jar broke. Sorry, please don’t be angry.” He pleaded. 

Mumma, it’s all his fault, I didn’t do anything”, my elder son clarified. 

What have you boys been up to?” I shouted at them as I saw the house in a mess. 

We were playing and wanted to eat some snacks and so we started searching and… ”, the boys tried to explain. 

So YOU ransacked the house!” I said. 

Ransacked? What?” My elder one asked. 

Never mind, I had a terrible dream. It’s ok. You go to your room carefully and I will clean this up.” I replied. 

Welcome back to reality!” I smiled as told myself.