The human race has come a long way ahead – from times of eating raw fruits, vegetables and herbs to cooking them in pots, pans and OTGs; from killing and eating raw flesh of animals and birds to having gala barbeques; from using fire for light to electric lights of various kinds; from steam ships to cruises and jetliners; from epidemics that wiped out generations to regular vaccinations that augured longevity; from pay phone booths to smart phones in every hand; and the list is endless. Innovations and discoveries have made the world geographically more accessible, historically more conquerable and economically more viable.

All of this could happen because man chose not to let his grey matter and white matter degenerate into pathological atrophy. Of course, the early man didn’t have a clue of the enormous capacity for wisdom that had been bestowed on him till he gathered knowledge and harnessed it! And lo! Today we are a generation hungry to learn more, innovate more, develop more and reach the hither-to-thought-of unreachable territories. To balance the craze for increased exploits of knowledge and keep the rage of the aspirational mind tamed, there are numerous schools of meditation and positivism that promise to keep desires under checks.

While on one hand we see the boons of human knowledge, on the other, we are greeted with the banes of it. Wild experimentations wiping out humans and animals, weapons of war that were once invented merely out of curiosity, nuclear weapon stashes and cyber crimes in every corner of the world greet each generation with renewed vigour.

The mind rattles with the thought as to how the hands of some are created to construct while those of some others are created to devour. Actually no, the hands are not to be blamed.

Forget about inventions, innovations and discoveries for a while. Just peep outside for a moment and cast a glance at the nature around you. You may witness the greenery of the flora and fauna around or the starry sky or the cool moon or the raging sun or a tiny ant or a wriggly worm or the countless grains of sand beneath your feet. If you are cut off from all exposure to nature, you sure have your own body to look at and think about. These all are the marvels displays of God’s wisdom in the canvas of the cosmos. And because man has been created in God’s likeness, he is endowed with innate wisdom. That is what makes man have an insatiable desire to invent, innovate, discover and create.

The Bible says –

“Wisdom is the principal thing;

Therefore get wisdom.”

But, what happens when wisdom is thwarted and knowledge is wasted?

Heard of the Blue Whale Challenge, the Choking Challenge, the Ghost Pepper Challenge, the Car Surfing Challenge and the like? While most of us would term them as insane, we also need to acknowledge that there are minds that have worked in developing them. These games sure are fascinating. Before people know they find themselves hooked onto these and some have even lost their precious lives in such dare devil tasks. No, I’m not even talking of heinous murder conspiracies. We are in a digital world today that gives us as much access to knowledge as it exposes us to the ills of the ever-expanding realm of knowledge.

Wisdom is to be utilised for good and knowledge ought not be misutilised for mayhem and destruction.

Coming further down to wasting wisdom/knowledge in everyday lives, have you ever paused to think before rendering the valuable service of ‘sharing your knowledge’ with people? If you haven’t, do it the next time your stomach churns and your tongue itches to advise or suggest something to someone. Pause and consider the following:

Is it desired by the person/s or am I merely bragging my knowledge?

Is my advice presentable or am I uttering mere burdensome/demeaning/demotivating words?

Is this the right place for rendering such advice?

Is the timing right or can it wait?

Will my advice help the person/s or make him/her sink even deeper?

If people are not interested, do not dump knowledge on them. It is wise to stay silent. This phenomenon is mostly observed between parents and teenaged children. Years of experience tempts parents to unload them all on children so that they do not suffer or commit the same mistakes, etc. However, with all the good intentions parents need to exercise restraint and not ‘lecture’ (in the words of children) children day-in and day-out. Find out ways of reaching out to them in their heart-language. Use your wisdom!

“Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.”

                    – Charles Spurgeon

Acquire knowledge. Use it wisely.




I really apologise for taking such a long time to hold another FB Caption Challenge after the fourth one. I know you all love to participate in this challenge. I really appreciate all of your enthusiasm. This time I posted the challenge both in FB and Insta. And all the entries were fabulous.

  1. Kalpana Kameshwari Vogeti – “One ray of hope is enough to dispel the darkness of despair.”
  2. Preeta Bhatnagar“My future is in my hands.”
  3. Deeksha Yajurvedi – “Keep sparkling and celebrate the light within!!”
  4. Inakhi Patra – “Be the Light.”
  5. Deepa Karthik – “Light in the dark.”
  6. Kuljeet Saini – “Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark…”
  7. Kuljeet Saini – “Be like a star… shine most brightly from the darkest origin…”
  8. Shwetha Rishi – “Focus on the glow, gleam and vanquish your woe.”
  9. Sreepriya Menon – “I contain the light within me..between my fingers that show me my path…”
  10. Sasmita Subudhi – “Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime,
    And, departing, leave behind us
    Light to guide us in our time…”
  11. Charul Batra Mehandiratta – “I am totally concentrated on my aim of a bright future.”
  12. Avijeet Dey – “This little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine!
    Let it shine, let it shine & let it shine.” 😁
  13. Avinash Das – “Well, Shining in the darkness is reflecting the glory of light that bask within.”

I was really happy to have a few entries outside my friend list. That tells me people are a game for this challenge and I should be doing it frequently in short spans. It was a great challenge with such beautiful quotes and one-liners but as you all know that I will have to choose only one winner out of all the entries.

Four quotes really touched me deep within – they were crafted beautifully by Kalpana, Deeksha, Kuljeet, and Shwetha. But the winner is – SHWETHA RISHI. It talks about hope, trust in the glow (God) and self-confidence. Thus, it inspired me a lot.


(NOTE: The Winning Certificate is posted as the featured picture of this article and displayed on the sidebar of the site  along with previous ones)


There was a certain chill in the air, as I walked out of my house, with the clock striking three. The stillness of the night had not yet given way to the open arms of the dawn. The leaves rustled with the slow westerly breeze that was rushing past. I walked with certain quickness, with the tapping sound of the shoe reverberating, as if telling the snakes, “Nay!!…thou shalt not cross mine path”. A patient with a surgical problem had come, and I whistled past to have a look at his problem and find a cure. The hospital was quiet with patients still in slumber. An argument caught my ear. Two patient relatives were telling a hospital staff, to tell the doctor to refer the patient for an MRI scan. I quietly stood in the dark to hear. There was a good incentive involved, Rs.1500/- for the staff and Rs. 5000/- for the doctor. The Hospital staff thought over it for 10 minutes. I liked what the Hospital staff, who gets a meager Rs. 5000/- as salary said. He said, “Out here the decision of a referral definitely lies with the doctor but I wouldn’t even tell him this and he wouldn’t do such a thing. We are a hospital that treats well within the limits of Integrity.” How true I thought. Every day in the Medical Profession I arrive at a decision making crossroad, with one road called Integrity and the other called Money. Robert Frost’s lines still ring very clear

 “I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

(Excerpted from the Poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost)

An Integrity filled life is a daily process that doesn’t end until your life does. My experiments with this truth called Integrity, tells me that there is that initial disappointment associated with Integrity that one has to overcome to actually pursue it. Questions arise about what’s integral in Integrity that it needs to nurtured and followed. We actually fall in that initial disappointment zone. We suddenly argue for the immediate benefits overlooking the eternal honour. At every such dilemma I found these following rules of Integrity to life quite life saving

Decide now, not later:  Many men have not thought through their personal value system. They’re not sure who they are or what they stand for, and they wait until the breaking of a crisis to make their decision. At that point, it’s too late. Faced then with great pressure, you will be more prone to take the route which is easier in that moment. Decide now what you will and will not compromise on. Then, when faced with ethical choices, the decision will have already been made.

Quit the rationalisations: There’s always a million reasons to compromise your integrity. You hear them on the news every day as corporate bigwigs struggle to justify their fat bonus checks. You can always come up with justifications that seemingly make good sense and let you sleep better at night. But at the end of the day, when you place your rationalisations on a scale next to integrity, you’ll realise you sold out something priceless for a measly pittance. There’s nothing more valuable than your good name and the ability to look at yourself in the mirror each day with a clear conscience.

 Don’t take the first step : When a great man falls from grace, we often wonder how he could have ever messed up so royally. The truth is that he didn’t wake up one day and decide to commit an egregious blunder. It started with a little fudging here, a tiny bit of lying there. From there he just kept on sliding down the slippery slope of compromise. Don’t compromise on the little things, and you won’t on the bigger ones.

 Don’t justify the means for the end:  This is probably the most popular rationalisation for breaking with your integrity. In reality, the journey towards an accomplishment or decision is just as important as the destination itself. Even if you are richly rewarded at the end, if you cannot look back on the means used to get there with anything but shame, your victory will be hollow indeed.

 Take personal responsibility for your life: At the heart of integrity is the ability to own up to the fact that you are in control of your life. You are responsible for both your successes and your failures. Nobody else but you.