Old age is always a “BOON”. It’s never a “Burden” ! Yes I mean it. Some of the old people think, regret and pray for death considering their age as BURDEN because we have turned their BOON to Burden and their happiness to gloom.

Months before one of my WhatsApp contact shared a video with me where ‘an old man probably in his 80s’ comes and asks his daughter of 30s “how to share a photo with one of his contacts”. Even though the young lady was busy with her MacBook, still she teaches her father how to share pics on WhatsApp. And she taught this for 3 times and all the 3 times this old man fails to share. When the 4th time the old father asks her daughter the same question, she yelled at him saying, “What shall you do by learning this ? You are an old man, whom can you send pics on WhatsApp ?” Then the father just looked at her without uttering a single word and tried for the 5th time and he succeeded. At the same time this young lady’s iPhone beeped up with a WhatsApp message from her father and the message was one B&W old cute pic of hers, for which she was longing since a long time.”

Doesn’t it happen so often to us ? Don’t we do the same thing in our daily lives ? Yes….being a person in 20s’, I can understand your problems and thoughts. But the lapse to listen, inability to follow instruction, hearing only the 10% – 40% of our advice is not singular to the old person associated with you but it is the universal problem of the entire old agers’. So, while dealing with the GenREST (Generation Rest, who are 50+) we have to always remind ourselves 7 things;

  • Getting old is obvious. Today we mock them as GenREST, saying they are burdensome, but the truth is that we are also moving at perfect pace to become someone just like them, one day !
  • Generation is changing in every 10 years or so approx. Today we feel proud of 4G, smart-communication age and many more smart contraptions, but just imagine how much smarter we will be considered by the then generation NEXT when 7G/8G/9G will be launched after 20 years or so ?
  • If we believe it is their duty to treat us as Princes and Princesses, it is also our duty to treat them as Kings and Queens !
  • The first school for every child is HOME and the first teachers are MOM & DAD. Our child is learning from us how to treat elders and one day he will deal with us in the same manner as he has seen us do .
  • By considering the older people as our vulnerable but inseparable part, we are not doing something great but we are just taking the opportunity of PAYBACK (what they have done to us when we were children).
  • We consider them as worthless, burdensome, and outdated but what they have, we don’t have ! That is “their experience”. We the younger ones have Energy & they the elder ones have Experience. When Experience adds to Energy, success becomes Easier.
  • All above, we should remember one day we have to give an account to God of our Parents as they will give the account of their Children.

Think twice before you stamp, because the next turn is yours. Even though we apply all innocent forms of disfigurement, only to keep us young, healthy and to make us seem as we want to look like but alas ! One day our shiny skins will become wrinkled, our beautiful eyes will look shabby, our white teeth will fall out, our black hair will turn white, and our sweet vocals will sound wavering and last but not the least our fashion will be considered as OUTDATED !!!!

Are you ready for the NEXT TURN ?

Stay blessed !