Hi Everyone,

Jaane bhi do beta, bachchein hain” (let it go dear they are kids) often heard my grandparents say this and my in laws and parents saying this whenever my anger is about to erupt at my kids.  I am sure all of you must have.  “Grand” parents – this generation is always closer to their third generation i.e. “Grand” children.

Grandparents always shower their grandchildren with love, more love and gifts too  because they always feel they have been miser in “showing” their love towards their kids.  So it is their chance to spend all that they have kept in themselves.  And we call it pampering.  What do they expect in return?  Nothing but time with their grandchildren.  They want to relive their childhood walking hand in hand with their third generation.

So do grandparents stand synonym to pampering only?  Pampering is just like seasoning on a delicious dish or icing on cake.  So what’s the catch?  Grandchildren who get a chance to grow up with grandparents grow up listening to folk tales, moral stories, devotional chants, memories and more.  They grow knowing more about relationships and family tree.  In a way they help in shaping the ideologies and beliefs of tender minds.  And grandparents enjoy sharing these moments.  No amount of money or luxury could give them happiness than the joy of teaching or talking to their young ones.  Whenever my in-laws visit us I have seen how they spend time with my kids, play with them, try to teach few habits.  And their happiness when they indulge themselves in such activities is a visual treat.

And when friendship builds between these two generations exchange is mutual.  I am not talking about any business here though.  If grandchildren get a glimpse of golden memories of past then grandparents get to a chance to upgrade their tech knowledge.  I can say this because I have seen many grandparents trying to learn new skills on their phones and laptops, upgrade their computer knowledge just to be in tandem with the steps of their dear ones’.  Their effort to accept change should be saluted.

Do only kids have company?  Hmm, I suppose no.  Different generations different opinions and experiences as well.  Clash of opinion is sure to crop up but that doesn’t make our parents or in-laws our enemies.  In-fact a bit of understanding and adjustment could make co-existence easy.  And the experience they have be it in life, raising kids, household stuff, managing relationships or managing finances as well always come to our rescue.  They are so right when they say “Dhoop mein baal nahi safed kiye” which means our grey hair is not a result of sun bathing but this is all experience we have gained in our life.  And that experience definitely deserves dignity.

I want to conclude that their experience, their effort, their knowledge deserves respect.  And friendship with these aged friends should be celebrated;  celebrated for life.