Money needs no introduction, from the day we started asking for toys we know the magic it can do. Anything and everything available on market can be bought with money. If we confine the usage of money for buying things, everything still looks good. In the process of getting used to money and the control we can have on our lives by using it, we are inadvertently loosing track of where we are heading.

Investing in the education and well-being of male child expecting dowry – Isn’t this naive ? Parents should facilitate children to have a future by providing them education and other basic needs. Now, it shall not be so that, because we want our children to take care of us in future we help them today.

How much salary do I get ? Having an expectation of good salary for the hard-work we do isn’t wrong, but a desire to have the highest salary and sacrificing life for the sake of earning more, how can we justify this ? Loosing self in the rat race of earning more will leave us disappointed with life.

Mentality of expecting return in itself is not bad, but when we make the desire filled with selfish benefits, leads to a thought that makes us money minded. 

Some people might look very greedy, saving money, every penny of what they have earned literally by giving up proper meals. May be, they don’t have a proper accommodation too. If they are doing this because they have a reason to do so, we need to respect such people. It may help their mother have a surgery or his kid’s higher education. These people are rather on a mission to help someone have a better life.

We cannot really know if a person is money-minded unless we spend some time with them , understand the goals and what are the sacrifices they are ready to make in-order to achieve their goals.

Commercialization – Whether we like it or not , we need to have a commercial sense of everything around us. Discounts, 1+1 offers, festive sales etc. The more we see benefits and we end up spending less, we do get attracted. Everyone wants to save their money earned through blood and sweat, but what bothers me is the fact that we are bringing in commercialization into our relationships and life style.

Having a desire to have a better standard of living and working towards it isn’t wrong. But when we forget the basic purpose of life, human existence and head towards only making oneself happy, this very thought would make us selfish and then becoming money-minded is only a matter of time.

Keep your mind and body to have a healthy thought process. Money for sure gives us security and the ability to be able to lead life with more comfort. But as everything, this also needs a limit, a limit on what we need, a limit on how much we let money control our lives. A positive limit to our thought of earning more, more and much more .

 Is the price of sacrificing life for the pay we get worth the struggle?