If you’re going to be reading this post on WordPress, I can bet 9/10 of you – you’re doing it from your WordPress app on your phone. That is the thing about apps, it has made life so convenient wherein – just a few taps here and there on your screen and you’re connected to anything – anywhere – anytime!

…and then there’s ME. Am I the only one who prefers the website version over its app? I’ve always preferred the bigger screen if given the option, but with people on the move and multi-tasking being a normal thing – phone apps have brought in a fresh sense of convenience to one’s life, not to mention everything now is literally at our fingertips.

From being entertained (Youtube) to knowing the time (Clock), having trouble counting? There’s always a calculator or even using the flashlight – it’s all on one gadget, in the form of an app. Easy, convenient, and at your fingertips – just the way the young people of today like it. That said, I too belong to that set of people who like doing things in one place or having various features on one gadget. A dream come true!

a couple of screen taps and you can have pizza delivered to your doorstep, 2 more taps on it and money is sent across distances. Groceries, Vegetables, and even a date/marriage partner can be simply found on an app

While we’re still talking about apps, we all have our favorites among the dozens we have installed on our phones. Do you find yourself going back to that app again and again when you’re well…. bored?

Let me take you into some of the apps I have on my phone….

From OTT platforms of Netflix, Zee5, & Hotstar, there are more useful apps of Quora, WordWeb, Wordpess, Wattpad, & Kindle to gaming apps like Scrabble, Ludo, Uno, Candy Crush, Coin Master, & Real Cricket, to the more fancy apps like Clubhouse and of course the more necessary social apps of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Whatsapp. Music apps are a must for me-that are looked after by Gaana & Radio Garden along with Youtube. Google Pay and Paytm round up the apps looking after online money transactions… and a few more

That’s a minimum of 23/25 apps on a gadget, I charge once/twice a day and probably use 10% of the apps I’ve actually installed on it. So much of using my SmartPhone, smartly.

While I do think that all these apps have some use to me at some time or the other in my life – when I’m stressed out or just need some ‘me time’, I find myself (more times than not) on the Ludo app. Yes! Remember the Ludo game? I don’t particularly fancy that game, but it is my way of ending a tiring day or destressing my mind, on a simple game, that does not require too much thinking. That said a good e-book would do the same.

So while I personally might not have a favorite app that I would always turn to – I have a range of a few to keep me distracted into a fictional world, which importantly keeps me away from the daily life drama that happens on a daily basis. Nothing beats learning from the app, or at best you are still learning how to use the app if nothing else – that is still learning, the knowledge that no one can take from you. After all, life is all about learning – that will never stop.

I had this once weird dream that people everywhere, on the street, in offices, at home, were a whole bunch of QR codes, and the only way we had access to them was if we scanned them. Once we did that, we would link to them. I would have loved to have seen how that dream ended, but like everything in my life, most things are attractive incomplete trailers.

Imagine if something like that is in store for the future? Something to think about maybe?

My Name is Savio AND I am not an APP

4 thoughts on “APPS APPS EVERYWHERE!

  1. The last line was a killer 😁. And I must say you are quite an imaginative person, the dream that you mentioned is quite an idea, how about weaving a story around it – a scifi fiction. Loved reading this article. You have a different view on things, never ever loose that “different take”


    1. Dream! Yes, that was a pretty awesome dream. Thanks Kalpana for the appreciation. I want to have that different take to life – sameness bores me. It is more like a natural setting; even the chairs and tables aren’t spared to be in the same place for more than a month :p

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “I had this once weird dream that people everywhere, on the street, in offices, at home, were a whole bunch of QR codes, and the only way we had access to them was if we scanned them.” This sentence caught me thinking about our future. I don’t think it will take more years to reach what you mentioned in this article, Savio. Sometimes it amazes me, and the other time it scares me as well.

    Very well written article and as I say always, “You write the best introduction to any given topic in the world”. At leas, on Candles Online, that’s our world. 😉


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