Trust me when I say this, each and every one of us need that spot in our home where we can be ourselves. Not bothered about what others are thinking or what’s happening in the world around us, that sweet little spot has helped us to be us. It is not a hiding place or our secret corner. Everyone can see us, yet they try not to disturb us when we are in that spot :-). Are you wondering what it is? That is our favourite spot in the house, where we find solitude and the much needed me-time. 

I would have been around 10 when we moved to that house and it is that place where I lived until I moved out for my job. We lived in a colony, and that building in which our house was is a 3 storey building. It was a corner lot, and if I go to the terrace, I could see almost all of the colony. I could see the park, the badminton courts, the playground, the cycling track and the skating rink too. If I was too stressed or needed a break from playing with my friends, often I used to go on to the terrace.

It was that place from where I could watch the flaming sky, watch flocks of birds return to their nests, moving clouds during the rainy season, oh. that reminds me – have a warm cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. It used to calm me down when I felt so close to nature. 

I also used to have deep introspection with myself on the terrace. I had the freedom and time to think from all perspectives of a problem without being interrupted. There is yet another favourite thing I did,  watching our garden from the terrace. There were a variety of plants and trees, planted usually in groups by their type. I used to design the landscape of our garden from the terrace because I had a very clear view from the top. We had a big mango tree and during summer time, I and my sister used to count mangoes from the terrace. It was like counting stars and we would debate if we have already counted a particular mango 😛

Our terrace was the place where most of my science projects were conceptualised. From drawing to making a list of required materials to building the project, our terrace served like my own lab :D. That was the same place where I would start reading a book, and forget to return home even when it’s late in the evening. My sister was the one, poor girl, who used to climb all the stairs in search of me. She knew if I wasn’t at the playground, that’s the only place she could find me. 

Coming to the present, the apartment I live in also has a terrace. In a city like Bangalore, my apartment is surrounded by huge trees. It gives me so much pleasure to see the trees and also a variety of birds on the trees. Still, I find myself go to the terrace to find the me-time. Some times it surprises me because I live alone, and I should have found that me-time anywhere in the house but it is the terrace. 

My favourite spot is thus terrace. What is your favourite spot? What do you do there?? 


  1. Aastha, you are fortunate to have a terrace of your own to have time for yourself. I always wish to have something like that but I never get that opportunity. In our last rented house, we had the terrace and the balcony both and they used to give me immense pleasure watching the skylines, clouds, rain, birds and people on the street.

    Beautiful article. Loved reading it.


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