Since I became a part of the Candles family, I have come to know each and every writer in this family through their writing. Except a few, I haven’t met any of them personally.  Reading the articles written by them gives me an insight into their lives. Usually, their writings are a small window into their minds, the thoughts, and experiences that have shaped them and made them what they are today.

One of my favourite writers in this group is Aastha. Her formal introduction on WordPress goes this way “I am a techie by profession, beginner in writing. Writing for me is the lone time for dwelling through my inner self. I try to be honest and express my true feelings through my writings.”

Well, I don’t agree with the beginner part of it. Her writings have the depth of a seasoned writer. But I do agree with the second line that writing for her is dwelling through her inner self.

I perceive Aastha as a beautiful demure girl. But when I read her articles they seem to be saying – “Be aware… I’m demure but my pen is not…”. This is my endeavour to understand her a bit more through her pen.

Aastha, The family person: I love the way that she has portrayed her bond with her family  – her sister, her parents. The articles like “In an envelope… “, “It’s relaxing and rejuvenating…“, “It is the only doorway to understand someone…” and Imposed pressure to stay strong” give us a peek into her childhood and her khatti-meethi relationship with her sister while growing up, the influence of her parents.

Aastha, the storyteller: Either she has a lot of friends, or she is the type of person in whom people confide easily. Or she is a very good storyteller. Either way that’s what makes her writing appealing. You know for me long and preachy articles with only advice don’t work. An article is interesting when it’s anecdotal. And she gets it bang on with articles like “Wrong decisions or wrong perception” which is the story of Nidhi and her disastrous marriage. Another one is “Use freedom in the best possible way” gives us an account of Ujwala and how she misuses her freedom. Or another very readable article is her counselling talks with Akshay “Holding each other“. Or the virtual relationship of Isha and Kartik so remarkably described in “A Virtual Blessing in disguise“. It’s surprising how she puts across her point without making it sound like a lecture.

The emotional, honest and strong Aastha: After reading her writings I have a distinct feeling that she has experienced a lot of ups and downs in her life. And I am so glad she finds solace in writing and shares her innermost thoughts with us readers. “She is a walking miracle” the story of her sister’s birth who was born with a birth defect and how the whole family coped with it will surely provide a lot of comfort and support to people going through similar circumstances. Another one is her own conversation with her doctor about her being so stressed that she could not even cry – “Sometimes a good cry can cure what a good laugh can’t“. “Ripple effect of Suicide” is a story of her friend Siddhu who committed suicide. I don’t know how you do it Aastha but you bare your heart in your articles and they sure do touch the reader’s hearts.

The funny bone is also very visible in the amusing description of an embarrassing moment (“That awkward moment when…”)

One of her best articles is when she shows her most vulnerable side and explains her feelings of loneliness “Maybe someday I’ll come home to a pair of compassionate eyes“.

Whether or not you understand more about fighting your inner demons and overcoming them in “Adding colour to life is in our hands” “when personal and professional lives collide” or you empathize with her strength and physical resolve in “The secret behind me being disciplined“, I am sure you will appreciate her honesty in accepting her shortcomings and conquering them in “The journey of finding myself in my own backyard“.

The Knowledge giver Aastha: Not all articles are emotional there are well researched and knowledgeable ones like “Secret sauce to effective education…” about the education system in Finland. Another informative one on her hobby gardening is “In the solitude of trees“.

I can just keep writing on and on. I hope I have been able to decode the real Aastha at least a little bit.  If not, I will just sum it up in her words. In a reply to a question in the face to face section (“I am in the spotlight – Aastha“), this is what she said…

What is the one thing you desire to do during your lifetime?

“There is a strong craving in me to be loved and be understood at a deeper level. It would take another person who really wants to look into me, which is not in my hands. So, meanwhile what is that I can do??? One day, I aspire to be a torchbearer for a change, a positive change that would make this world a better place. I am working on it.”

Hoping it turns out so!

(Dedicated to @aastharao)



  1. Kuljeet… Kuljeet… Kuljeet… Trust me, there are much better writers than you two on my team. But you two have touched hearts, you both have brought smiles and tears… But you had a flow that no one has on my team, and I chose you above Aastha. And I am happy you chose her. One favourite choosing the other.

    What a great analysis you did of her…right or wrong that Aastha would say but about the article, Whoa! Commendable! You read so many articles… 18 in total. All the previous writers have chosen 4 or 5 or maximum 7 articles of their favourites but you literally are a great analyser and reader, truly – a quality of a counsellor, The Agony Aunt. 🙂

    God bless you, both @aastharao and you @kuljeetsaini.

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    1. Thank you so much CP. I was really inspired by her writings and enjoyed reading all of them. She really writes from her heart. Loved deep diving into her pool of articles all the way back to 2016.

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      1. I am stunned.. You read articles from 2016? I started writing for candles in May 2016. That’s exactly 3 years now.. Oh God, you are so so so amazing Di


    2. Thanks Dada.. I am also happy that it wasn’t you writing about me but another writer :p .. Glad you think my articles bring smiles and tears.. 🙂 Happy to be associated with Candles family and would always be thankful to have this wonderful platform to write and be part of this group.. Thanks to you for the opportunity and encouragement you provided us

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  2. Lovely write-up! Detailed and well-explored! You’ve beautifully gleaned many aspects of Aastha as a person and as a writer from her articles 🙂 And, the title is just apt!
    True, Aastha’s sharing does touch hearts and her articles make one think deeply!

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    1. Title is apt?? Are people so curious about me? :p I feel honoured Rajnandhini that you think my articles are heart touching and thought provoking. Means a lot.. !!


  3. Amazing, truly amazing!
    Read 18 articles to pen about Astha, that’s incredible! This shows how much effective author you are, that’s what made you to sketch Astha beautifully.
    There is no doubt Astha is a fighter indeed. There’s volume to learn from her. Now, about her articles, I love to read Astha. She is a soulful writer. God bless her and answer each of her prayers.

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    1. Thanks a lot Avinash. I really enjoyed the process of writing this article. She indeed is a fighter. And I feel she has seen life much more than us.

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    2. Avinash, I am on cloud 9 today.. Thank you!! I don’t know if I am a fighter or has anything to offer. If I can make other person smile, that is an accomplishment for me. I just keep life that simple. Happy to know you enjoy reading my articles.. That encourages me to write more..

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      1. In life’s trial, often God uses others to show us our strength! If I am not wrong, you have fought well, hold on your faith and goodness, God will never leave you without your prize.
        About your belief – “being the reason for someone’s smile”, the Bible says, God, refreshes them, who refresh others.
        Enjoy your blessings.


  4. Di,
    I started with a good laughter and ended with tears by the time I finished read this one. I am amazed and awestruck after reading this article about me. Amazed because of the interest you had to understand me via my write-up’s. You brought back so many memories by mentioning articles over a long period of time. I wonder how you could decode so much of me.. Awestruck because I never thought I would receive accolades from an accomplished writer like you. I am sincerely thankful to you for all the time and effort you have put to describe my writing style. You are bang on at certain places about me, and I would clarify the doubts you had at other places.

    Am I demure? Not really.. It depends.. If I have a bond with the other person, I can be very naughty and also open-up.
    Do I have a lot of friends? – Well, No.. But people find it comfortable to talk and express themselves. I believe it just takes some warmth and listening ear to provide solace to the other person. All the person would be expecting from me is for me to be their trusted ally..
    Am I a good story teller? I usually write facts, but if at all I have to describe some topic that I have never had an experience of, I would write about how I would have wanted it to happen in real life. If you think I can make a good story teller, then definitely I should give it a try.

    Today whole evening I spent reading this one article again and again. You moved me today.. Thanks again @kuljeetsaini Di..


    1. I was waiting for your response with fingers crossed. As I didn’t know you much as a person I was not sure whether what I had written was any where near the real Aastha. I was apprehensive that you may not get offended by anything I wrote.
      I am so glad you liked it.. And so happy that I was right about quite a few aspects about you. I would love to know you better… And to tell you the truth I really enjoyed the whole process of writing this article. Tried to read all your articles in a marathon session of 2 hours which you wrote in 2-3 years.
      Keep writing from your heart.. Keep touching our hearts. Stay happy stay blessed..

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      1. Sorry, It took me so much time to sync in what you have written. It was beautiful. Offended? Not at all.. It was a lovely piece of work.. I wonder how you decoded me.. Thank you for your encouraging words, beautiful article I would be proud to share with anyone in the world and most importantly your enthusiasm to know me.. I would love to be explored, so you get that golden chance to know me :p… Ha ha.. Such a joy Di. thank you..

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  5. This is incredible sis. You did so much research, wrote so beautifully that we also know about Astha now. Really stupendous effort

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