Home is where the heart is and everyone’s home has that special place or a corner which is very close to one’s heart.

I too have a favourite spot but it’s at my mother’s place. Yes, no place has been able to beat that spot, not even my own house. You must be wondering what is that spot is, so let me tell you more about it.

My mother stays in a very elite locality of Mumbai and most of the structures there are termed as heritage. Thus, my mom’s residence is old fashioned. High ceiling, big veranda, big rooms and big windows. Our drawing room adorns one such window and that exactly is my favourite spot.

This old fashioned window is far more comfortable and attractive than a french window. Even now when I visit mom’s place that is the place I spend time at.

It is a perfect square enclosed with iron bars and there is a slab built in this window which makes it a sofa or a chair if it is pampered with nice mattresses and cushions but it looks and is perfectly comfortable even without all these add ons. You can just plunge into this window and watch outside. It looks out to the main road which means you will always see a lot of people roaming around, many many vehicles speeding through and lots of shops. We are located on the ground level so that makes it even better to chit chat with passing by neighbours and acquaintances.

I stick to this window ever since I was a baby. My mom would plop me there put both my legs outside through the iron bars and stand behind me. That was the locking mechanism when I would not allow her to feed me properly. My dad would make me sit there and show taxis, buses and traffic lights and that was so entertaining and exciting to me as a child. It was here that I would run to when my friends used to come calling me. Those where the days when landline phones were a luxury which not many could afford. It meant that you needed to personally visit the friend even if you want to say a hi and this was exactly the place where I used to pretend to play many games like office-office, house-house, teacher-teacher etc.

I did not outgrow this window even though I was growing up. The pretend plays were now replaced by secret sharing sessions with my bestie. As we grew older further, it was this place from where we would watch out guys (bird watching). It was this place where we would easily spend an hour chitchatting unplanned, only because my friend was passing by and I spotted her exactly at that time.

A cup of ginger tea tastes even better if I am relishing it at this window. And the drizzles of first rain feel more refreshing when they barge in through this window. The windy weather in the evening and the rush of a cold wave is even stronger when we open this window. This place makes every season more beautiful and adventurous.

This window has a very special place in my heart, and why not? It is this place which has absorbed my silent tears when my heart was broken the first time, it is this place which is a witness to my lovey-dovey talks with my husband – be it on phone or in person. It is this place which reads my mind and calms me down whenever I am worried or upset. It is this place which helps me seek solitude and it is this place which soothes my soul.

In real words, I see my whole life through this window and I always will.

Even today, whenever I go to my mom’s place I jump to sit by this window.

Which is your favourite place?


A view of the world outside, a sneak peek into the hustle bustle of everyday life, gaping at the pitter patter of raindrops, welcoming the first rays of the morning sun, gazing at the full moon while basking in its cool beams – a place that offers me all this, is the space I enjoy in my house. A seat or a bed by the window – that’s my most cherished space!

The house where I grew up for the first fifteen years of my life (in government officers’ quarters), had a window in the bedroom that faced the rear of another building, but gave a diagonal view of the road outside. That is where I loved to sit on rainy afternoons, enjoying the sprinkles of rainwater that trickled in through the railings, watching people scurry along the way to escape the lashing rain, observing the rainwater flow down the walls of the nearby buildings all the while savouring the chill that had enveloped the environment due to the rain. On hot summer afternoons, when the windows were shut to prevent the heat from making its presence felt in the room while my parents rested, I stealthily kept a few inches of the window open so as to continue reading my story books – only to have my mother shout that I would spoil my eyes by reading in less light!

The house that we moved in to next, where I spent the next ten years of my life had a window next to my bed! In fact, I had chosen that space giving the bed space next to the wall to my little sister. The gentle cool breeze that greeted me through the window in the early mornings and evenings was enough to refresh me for the rest of the day. I loved waking up to the greeting of the soft sun rays in the mornings. And, the silvery moonbeams beckoned me to stare at the pearl in the starry sky as myriad thoughts crisscrossed my mind before drifting off to sleep.

When I moved to a metro city for pursuing my career, the only requirement that mattered most to me while room-hunting was a window. The room that I chose was one which had windows cover half-the wall on one side. Though it didn’t give me much of a view, due to the pattern of construction, I was satisfied with whatever view it offered.

Moving back to my hometown (we had our own house constructed by then), what I missed most was a window space to call my own! Of late, I have made peace with a window space which stares into a neighbour’s backyard. Watching the squirrels scamper across the backyard, the sparrows and kingfishers flutter and perch awhile on the guava and mango trees, the boroughs of the mango tree weigh heavy with green mangoes awaiting to ripen – gives me immense joy.

A window space gives a free flow to my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Most significantly, it helps me to connect with God away from the din of the household – humming a song of praise or whispering a word of prayer – be it in the serene visuals of nature or in observing the hurry and burry of people moving along the street.

Window space – that’s my space!


There is no place like home. It’s our sanctuary, a safe haven, a place where we feel tranquil, away from the hustle bustle of the day to day life. It is a place where we can reflect on life. Have you noticed that in the house there is always a corner or a place or a room which becomes our favourite? We want to spend our free time there. My house is full of such corners. Each member of the family has a favourite place.

Let’s start with the youngest in the family. Most of his free time my younger son can be seen sitting on a chair next to the computer table in one corner of my room, eyes glued to the computer screen, a window by his side with cool the breeze coming in and he is immersed in the make-believe world of the computer games. His favourite songs playing on the computer. If he is allowed he will do his homework there, have his food also sitting there and spend all waking hours there. Of course, he is not allowed to do that but I can safely declare that as his favourite corner in the house.

For my elder son, it’s the couch in the living room. With his legs propped up on the divan and a book or at times mobile phone in his hand and earphones plugged in he looks like a crocodile relaxing in the sun. He loves this place so much that if you take a look at my sofa you will see the difference, this particular couch shows more signs of wear and tear as compared to the others in the same set. 

My hubby is either tapping away on the laptop at the table or relaxing on the divan in the living room. I wonder how he finds it so comfortable. He is taller than the divan’s length and his legs dangle out but that is his favourite place to relax. I keep telling him that we have bigger beds in the house to relax but all my talks fall on deaf ears. To each his own.

As for me, let me confess first I am a born TV addict. So my favourite place is my room one corner of my bed. Television switched on in the background filling in the room with the dialogues of the latest sitcom and me completing all my mundane chores. Folding the clothes, ironing, setting things in the cupboard, cutting and chopping veggies, kneading the flour, putting covers on my kids books, making their school project etc. anything which is routine and mundane you can see me perched on one corner of my bed watching TV and finishing up the work as well. I am sure this confession makes me sound very uncool. These days no one wants to watch the daily soaps that the Indian television dishes out. But for me, I have always loved stories like people love to hear songs I love to hear stories so these daily soaps turn my otherwise mundane and routine jobs into something interesting.

Otherwise, also my room is my sanctuary. If you have ever stayed in a joint family you will understand, your room is the only part of the house which you can truly call your own. This is the place which you can decorate as you like and where you can sit or relax as you like without anyone else judging you. It is truly me: this room has witnessed many happy moments in my life and the pillow on my bed has soaked in countless tears of sorrow.

Which is your favourite haunt in your house? Do share…


The earliest memory that I have of a place where I could just lose myself is when I was 6 or 7 years of age. There was one place in the house which never failed me. Especially when it was raining, I had to be there. We were living on the 1st floor of a two-story building. These were government quarters in a colony named IIP Colony. It was one of the best places to grow up ever. The window of my room used to open to large empty space that had a lot of greenery and trees. Beyond the green trees and grass, there was a little road on which occasionally any vehicles were seen. The trees bore heavy fruits during respective seasons. We had mango, litchi, guava and chakotra (Pomelo) trees to be most common in that area. I loved that window. It had horizontal bars which were wide enough for my legs to fit in. So, I used to climb that window, put my legs between the window sill and first horizontal bar, hold the above bars for support and just sit there for hours. I would that particularly during rains because then my legs would be out in the rain and I loved it.

That window was where I did most of rhymes recitation, sing songs, thought of the world (the way a 6-year-old would think). It was my spot and I was never to be disturbed there. I am quite sure that my legs will not fit in that small slot anymore but I wish I could go back to that colony and house.

After a year or so, we shifted to a similar house on the ground floor. And I lost that favourite spot of mine, but only to find a new spot in the new home. Since this was on the ground floor, we had our own kitchen garden which my dad loved. He used to spend a lot of time gardening, something that I never liked because I was scared of earthworms!

Here my room had a window that opened to the front of the house. My study table was right in front of the window and apparently, that became my favourite spot. We moved into that house when I was in grade 2 and stayed there till I finished my grade 10. So, of course, I spent a lot of time studying on that table. But more than that I also spent time daydreaming about a lot of things. That spot was the one where I not only studied my textbooks but also studied different novels and developed a habit of writing. I still remember that yellow coloured table clock that used to be on that study table. Every time I got distracted from my studies, I would look at the clock and decide the number of minutes that I will day-dream before I started studying again. That spot was where I grew up from a tiny girl to a messed up teenager. The study table was not always at the side of the window. Earlier our bed was at the window, then I used to love looking outside at the moon and stars before sleeping. So, maybe my spot was not the table but the window again.

Later on, after my sister got married, we moved out of that colony to our own house. It was very disturbing for me because that colony was a warm and cosy place, I had to leave all my friends behind to come and stay at this new home. At this place, my favourite spot was a weird one. It would be difficult to explain without a picture but I would still try. On the first floor, we had two terrace – front terrace and back terrace. Beyond the railing of the front terrace, there is a slanting roof to cover a small porch on the ground floor. It is a slanting roof with no railing. From the front terrace, I used to climb onto that slanting roof and sit there for hours. Mom used to scold me a lot because that roof would become slippery especially in rains. And if I fell from that roof, I would be badly hurt. But I still loved that spot a lot. I have written a lot of articles and stories sitting there. I have listened to a lot of music at that place and have also worried about my future. My parents still stay in that house, but now I don’t dare to climb that roof. Maybe because I am not 17 years old anymore. I am visiting my parents in a couple of weeks. I think I would try once to go there and see if I still get the feeling of freedom at that place.


Important Disclaimer: This is original work (not a copy, Geet I am sorry but we have some common interests 😉)

There are two places in my home where you will generally find me – Kitchen and Bedroom, depending on what day of the week and time of the day it is.  From Tuesday to Sunday I am predominantly in or around the kitchen.  Chores in the kitchen are of the visicious circle in nature especially when kids and hubby are around. I think I need not go into details of how and why. Ladies will get that easily and for gentlemen, ladies please do me a favour and explain this to your counterparts 😁. My relationship with my kitchen is ambiguous for I love to be there when a new dish or desserts are on my mind and I want the resulting dish to be savoured and relished with utmost praise (ambitious I am).  I don’t mind to be in the kitchen when I have a clear cut menu etched out in my mind, I cook with my heart and brain at the right place 😁.  But I loathe it when I am unable to decide “Khaane Mein Kya Hai” (what’s there for the meal).  Then you can hear some mild crashes coming from the kitchen (pun intended).

And now I will take you to that place where you will find me when I am not cooking and doing up other chores and of course during a major part of Mondays (Monday is my week off, self-declared and an unwritten pact in my family.  I really let my hair down and cool off my feet on Monday, I love Mondays 😂😂) – welcome to my cosy nest – my Bedroom.  There lies the biggest magnet, love of my life – my bed. I remember scribbling down in one of my friend’s slam book “Favourite pastime- 😴”, you know what I mean.  I am literally a person who can doze off at any given time of the day.  For me, it’s not only a way to physical relaxation but whenever I am emotionally down and drained, a nap helps me rejuvenate myself, get over things, get going more strongly.   It really helps me clear the clutter in my mind.  And not just nap, my bed is a lap sitting where I chat with my bestie for hours, learn new things (read surfing YouTube for videos of various genres),  I imagine and weave various stories in my mind, experiment by bedside – be it painting or hairstyles and of course my ideas to write take a flight from that corner only.  Lying on the bed with no haste gives me an opportunity to ponder over various questions, permutations and combinations in life and relationships – much-needed introspection.  Along with me in my bedroom, you will find my colours (I am damn possessive about them), my paintings, many toys here and there that made their way from adjacent room and television that usually plays cartoons 😂😂.  In short, you can find “The Creative Me“, “Thinking Me” there only.

To emphasize my love for my Cozy Corner I would put it this way: if a choice has to be made between a free makeover to be given on a cloudy gloomy day and my sleep, I would rate my slumber over makeup as the later can wait for some other day 😉. Who could say no to a makeover, isn’t it?


“My room” is my favourite place in our house. As you just read, I didn’t specify whether its bedroom or study room or any other specific room. That’s because it’s an all-in-one room for me. It’s my bedroom, my study room, and my secret activities’ room. And I lovingly call it “My Room”. This is the place I feel most comfortable and this is the place I come home to.

My room has some basic characteristics. It has a very simple decor and the only luxury item in my room is an AC, actually, it has become a necessity nowadays. My room is not loaded with pictures, but there is a wall calendar which has my photo. It was gifted by my sister a few years back. So it’s kind of a seal which signifies that the place belongs to me.

My room is white in colour, but let me tell you, I secretly wish to paint it red or any neon colour. Never mind if not now, in future I will paint it red or neon. Are you guys, smiling to yourself after reading this? Well, I get similar reactions from my mother and sister when they hear my ideas!!

The bed in my room is older than me. It is a very simple wooden bed with my two pillows. I study on my bed. From 10th Board exams to the present LLB exams, it’s been the same bed! Now, some must be wondering whether I use study tables or not or how do I manage to study on the bed. Well, it’s very simple. I do use a study table. I just drag it near my bed and it’s done. So, basically, I use the bed instead of a chair. Another reason for doing so is, I can take a nap whenever I want in between studies. At present, the study table is loaded with law books, so I bought myself a laptop table. Now its a  laptop-cum-study table. I have prepared for all sorts of exams, made different art and crafts, wrote stories, played my favourite video games and also play the guitar on my bed. It is very dear to me! Now some must be thinking, if I do all these stuffs on my bed then where do I sleep? Well, I sleep on my bed too. But these days I seldom get up from it, because since my sister is home she pulls and drags and does whatever it takes to get me out of bed! Yeah, maybe it sounds funny, but for me, it’s nothing but bullying. Poor me, Right to sleep is not mentioned in the Indian Constitution!

My room also has a blackboard. It is a 30 cm blackboard sheet that I had purchased online. I note down all important stuffs there, starting from exam dates, to-do lists, any important days or celebrating quotes after exams are over. No matter how hard I try to hide the chalks, my sister manages to scribble something funny on the blackboard.

My room is the most visited of all places in our house. It is often crowded by my uncles or aunts or cousins. All stationery items, medicines, secret snacks are found in my room. So my family members happily hop into my room to pick up the things that they require. They keep telling me I have a shop full of stationery stuffs and other goodies!

My room has seen my best and my worst moods, and in return, it gives me the space I need. I never shut myself or cut off from the outside world after entering my room. It’s just that me-time in my room re-energizes me.

There are times when the study table or shelf is in a mess. But still, I can close my eyes and pick out the stuffs I need from the so-called mess. Actually, it’s not a mess for me.

So that’s all about my room. It’s very special and very dear to me. I can never trade my room for anything else in this world because it means the world to me. For me “Room is where heart is!”

Last but not the least Thank you, Bhai for coming up with this topic.


Trust me when I say this, each and every one of us need that spot in our home where we can be ourselves. Not bothered about what others are thinking or what’s happening in the world around us, that sweet little spot has helped us to be us. It is not a hiding place or our secret corner. Everyone can see us, yet they try not to disturb us when we are in that spot :-). Are you wondering what it is? That is our favourite spot in the house, where we find solitude and the much needed me-time. 

I would have been around 10 when we moved to that house and it is that place where I lived until I moved out for my job. We lived in a colony, and that building in which our house was is a 3 storey building. It was a corner lot, and if I go to the terrace, I could see almost all of the colony. I could see the park, the badminton courts, the playground, the cycling track and the skating rink too. If I was too stressed or needed a break from playing with my friends, often I used to go on to the terrace.

It was that place from where I could watch the flaming sky, watch flocks of birds return to their nests, moving clouds during the rainy season, oh. that reminds me – have a warm cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. It used to calm me down when I felt so close to nature. 

I also used to have deep introspection with myself on the terrace. I had the freedom and time to think from all perspectives of a problem without being interrupted. There is yet another favourite thing I did,  watching our garden from the terrace. There were a variety of plants and trees, planted usually in groups by their type. I used to design the landscape of our garden from the terrace because I had a very clear view from the top. We had a big mango tree and during summer time, I and my sister used to count mangoes from the terrace. It was like counting stars and we would debate if we have already counted a particular mango 😛

Our terrace was the place where most of my science projects were conceptualised. From drawing to making a list of required materials to building the project, our terrace served like my own lab :D. That was the same place where I would start reading a book, and forget to return home even when it’s late in the evening. My sister was the one, poor girl, who used to climb all the stairs in search of me. She knew if I wasn’t at the playground, that’s the only place she could find me. 

Coming to the present, the apartment I live in also has a terrace. In a city like Bangalore, my apartment is surrounded by huge trees. It gives me so much pleasure to see the trees and also a variety of birds on the trees. Still, I find myself go to the terrace to find the me-time. Some times it surprises me because I live alone, and I should have found that me-time anywhere in the house but it is the terrace. 

My favourite spot is thus terrace. What is your favourite spot? What do you do there??