Recognition is important for a human to get motivated. I understand doing things sincerely and responsibly whether recognized for it or not is a mark of integrity, yet, recognition is very essential at every step of our lives.

I am not going to write anything about receiving or expecting recognition from others. I will talk about the right ways or manners of giving out recognition to someone who deserves it.

One Bible verse always warns me of negligence in giving recognition or acknowledging someone, and that verse is –

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to do it.

So, what are the right manners of ‘not withholding’ due recognition to a person? I have THREE such factors that explain this. 

Timely: I have seen people postponing the act or the event of recognizing or acknowledging someone. Either they delay in the name of planning or keep the person to be recognized waiting, giving them some vague reason. It is deemed an insult or disrespect to someone when acknowledgment or recognition due to him is not accorded at the right time although we try to patch up or make up everything later. There’s no substitute for recognition accorded in time. The most effective recognition is given at the right time.

Genuinely: Appreciating or recognizing someone with the right tone and spirit even if the words are fewer, works. Sometimes, flattery or more words of praises don’t work well when the tone is not right. One of my previous bosses used to introduce me as, “He is Chiradeep, the backbone of our organization”. And I used to get irritated with that tag, which I never used to like. On finding him alone, I used to tell him not to introduce me that way. Genuineness is very important when we acknowledge or recognize someone.

Impartially: When we recognize someone, we should always ask ourselves whether we have acknowledged the person genuinely and impartially. Genuineness and impartiality seem quite similar to each other yet they are not. The word impartial comes when the number of people to be acknowledged is more than two. Our recognition or appreciation to both the persons might be genuine yet they might be partial when we show little more favor to one over the other unduly. Let me give an example – two employees in an oorganization. They both worked hard to achieve a task together. Both of them were awarded the same amount of money as reward but the boss had many words of praises for one whereas the other went without any words of praise backing him. If I would be in his place, I will really feel very bad and disgusted.

The Bible says, “if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.”

Friends, let’s not be tired of recognising or acknowledging people who deserve it. Let’s be prompt to do that timely, genuinely and impartially.

Stay Blessed!