Write for Candles Online if you wish and send your articles and snippets to ‘write4candles@gmail.com.’ Follow the guidelines of submitting your write ups as under:

Submission Guidelines


1. If you want to write articles for the section ‘Mega Article‘ then write on one of the topics given below as examples. If you have any other topic in mind on life issues which is not mentioned in the list below then you can feel free to write on that topic. Once we receive your article we can fix the date for its publication and also the topic of the following week.

List of Topics

2. The length of the articles should be between minimum 700 words and maximum 1200 words. 

3. Please send a 3 lines BIO of you along with your article.

4. Send the articles in MS WORD file format. 

5. Your articles will be accepted only if it is fulfilling all the criteria mentioned above. 


1. Snippets are small notes or thoughts or interpretation of quotes. When a week starts with a Mega Article on every Sunday, the snippets follow in the subsequent 5 weekdays from Monday to Friday on the topic of the week. This is kind of tricky. You have to watch out for the topic of the week on Sundays and then think of writing your snippets on the topic and send one day before.

2. The length of the snippets should be between minimum 200 words and maximum 400 words.

For further queries Contact Us using the form or send an email in the above mentioned ID.

Your valuable feedback please...

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