There may be tiring times,
There may be troubled times,
There may be worst of times,
But remember that time won’t be the same
Just like a water wave.

Never Fail To Look For The Light, Despite The Dark.”

The more we accumulate,
the more we tend to self-suffocate.

The more we give away and distribute,
the more we gain a generous repute.

It is not about just earning a name,
But about a godly value to boldly proclaim.

When you stumble on something that keeps inspiring you,
make sure you make room for it in your life.

Wound, a test dose
to awaken you from fantasy
and open your eyes to reality.

“Miles away, yet close to heart, loved ones can never be apart”

Sinful addictions are like coal-tar-pitch… dark, sticky, and difficult to get rid of.  Unless you keep the solution ready to remove the sap off your affected skin as soon as possible, it can discolor your body completely.