The beautiful picture that we see today is the one we started drawing it a few days ago.

(Nandini, Kalpana Vogeti’s daughter sketched this beautiful flower)

There may be tiring times,
There may be troubled times,
There may be worst of times,
But remember that time won’t be the same
Just like a water wave.

Never Fail To Look For The Light, Despite The Dark.”

The more we accumulate,
the more we tend to self-suffocate.

The more we give away and distribute,
the more we gain a generous repute.

It is not about just earning a name,
But about a godly value to boldly proclaim.

When you stumble on something that keeps inspiring you,
make sure you make room for it in your life.

Wound, a test dose
to awaken you from fantasy
and open your eyes to reality.

“Miles away, yet close to heart, loved ones can never be apart”