I am worst at handling pressures. Yeah, you might think how I can say that being a leader. But it is a truth about me that I shout a lot, get bogged down a lot and get stressed out easily when I am under a pressure situation.

Yet, in certain occasions I am very strong and handle the pressures much better than how other can handle in the same situation. So my behaviours vary from different pressure situations. In some cases I struggle and in some other I show the real character.

Negative life situations always have negative or positive effects on a person. It will either make you or break you. And it is different than daily pressures of life. I am good at handling long term pressure situation but not well at managing a daily one. The reason could be that I am accustomed to doing things slowly and when a pressure situation demands to do things or accomplish something quickly I tend to get worried or stressed out. When I am asked to do things or decide things right away or quickly it’s very difficult for me to come to a conclusion or manage it. And it is more pathetic when your decision is dependent on people. I love to do things at my own pace and deciding on my own. I hate pressure cooker situations. So I take precautions. Let me give an example…

It was last Sunday in the afternoon when I received the news of my granny’s death. And there are very few tickets available next morning on Monday and if we had to travel in the same night we had to catch a bus as there were no train tickets available. Now I was depending on three persons around me to take a decision.

First one was my wife who was confused whether to go with me or not.

Second one was my brother who was confused when to go considering his hospital duties.

Third one was my uncle who actually was ready to help me out but wants to go according to his schedules.

My wife knows how irritated I was that evening. I was scolding and was frustrated and the whole evening I kept discussing and struggling to take a decision till I decided I will go on my own and bought the ticket by-passing everyone else. I travelled to Cuttack comfortably and alone at the end.

I learnt one lesson from the whole pressure situation – “Never to be dependent on others when I can accomplish something very important on my own.”


Wise decision making requires a cool and calm frame of mind. And yes, it does require a great deal of time and much information about the issue on which the decision is to be made. After, brainstorming the possible courses of action and the resultant consequences, the decision that is made is considered to be made well.

However, not all circumstances offer the luxury of time and a composed mind to the decision-maker. There are certain decisions which need to be taken at the spur of the moment. Certain other decisions need to be taken within a narrow deadline. Yet, the consequences of such decisions are long-lasting.

Think of a man whose wife is in the Operation Theatre, about to deliver their baby. As he is waiting with much expectation to hear the cries of a new-born, he sees the doctor rush towards him telling that he has to choose between the mother and the baby and that both cannot be saved. What decision is the man going to take? He cannot afford to wait till he gathers his own emotions. He has to take a decision under pressure.

When the Nazis under Hitler went on capturing territory after territory, there were a few noble souls who decided to give shelter to the Jews even at the cost of being discovered and sent to the gas chamber. That was a risky but brave decision taken under extreme conditions.

When the captain and the crew of the great ship Titanic realized that the ship was about to sink, they had to take the quick but courageous decision of laying down their own lives so as to save the lives of those on board.

Quick decision making requires an all time alertness, readiness to respond and preparedness to face the consequences. One quick decision can make or mar our own lives and the lives of many around.