It is said that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. WRONG !!! Imagination travels faster than anything ever known to man. The mind can be in Sherlock Holmes mystery one moment and Alice’s Wonderland the next moment. And my imagination was always in hyperactive mode, be it any stage of my life. My father loved this trait of mine, as it was my inheritance from him. He used my over-imaginative mind to his benefit sometimes, though it was always for my good.

He and I were bonded in the soul, and so he could read my mind and my thoughts real well. It always left me wondering how he knows exactly what I was thinking. I always used to ask him, “Papa, how do you know what’s going on in my mind ?” He would pull me to his lap and tell me in my ear like a top-secret – “I have a transmitter in you that transfers all your thoughts to me.” I was hell-bent on finding where is the transmitter but couldn’t figure out no matter how much I thought on it. One day, owing to Hindi movies, I decided that it is inside the Birthstone Locket I am wearing. I was scared shit, thinking he will figure out all my naughty thoughts and buried the locked in the dirt, happy with myself. But the experiment failed, he still knew my mind. It took me a couple of years to realise he had it in my heart.

My next stupidity was when my Mum scolded me badly. I would cry and run to Papa. She would occasionally land a slap to make me stop creating a nuisance or to make me read my lessons. My mother’s tongue wasn’t sugar-coated, and she said some acidic words to me now and then. I, again influenced by Hindi movies, believed that she was not my biological mother and I was adopted or may be her stepdaughter. I was possessed by this thought and wanted to clear my doubts. One day when she scolded me in front of a crowd, I couldn’t find Papa’s lap as he was on a tour and I cried in my aunt’s lap. She coaxed me so lovingly that I told her my doubts, she was flabbergasted to know my thoughts and told my mother, who in turn again scolded me for having such stupid imagination. I became the laughing-stock of the family.

Next example of my abstract mind was given when my father invited some of his colleagues to dinner with our family. Three men came, all tall and burly; they were from Chennai (then Madras). They all had dark complexion and big moustaches, they smoked cigarettes, laughed robustly, and my father entertained them with drinks and food. I was scared to death of them. I was sure they are all evil men (again, Hindi film takes credits with stereotype villains, the hero is never a smoker or drinker, think retro), who have come to my father to trap in him some criminal activities and are bound to bring trouble to my father. They had brought large folder and thick files to be audited and signed by Papa (he was a C.A.). Just when he was about to sign them I stopped him and told openly, “Papa don’t sign it, they will make you sign on some wrong papers, they are bad men”, My father was embarrassed, and all three men laughed loudly on my madness. Papa apologised to them many times, but they gave me excellent chocolates before leaving, which I never ate, as I never believed they are laced with chloroform.

Till date, there are numerous absurdities I have done as a result of living in fantasy land. I like to call myself Visionary, Lol. From seeing ghosts that were never there to chasing thieves around the house in the middle of the night with a Rolling Pin in hand, just because I heard a Thudding sound, I have done it all. I have even gone as far as believing that someday I will find a long-lost brother in some trade fair to wondering if the man who lives next door is a smuggler. At one point I believed that I am a Genie that lives in a bottle and another time I lived under the notion that I am a reincarnated soul of an English queen. In days I was obsessed with Harry Potter I believed that I get Owl mail from him and used a wooden stick as a wand, trusting someday it will make my TV remote come flying to me when I say “Accio !”

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

― Albert Einstein

Let It Fly !


Hello Everyone,

As a kid it is natural for everyone to have doubts in mind.  The very inquisitive nature makes them question and explore.  I am sure to get hands down on this one 🙂  Still don’t believe me?   Ask your parents how inquisitive you were or better observe kids around.  I am sure you would get your answer.

So as a kid (when I was younger than 10 years), I still remember my mind was a house to n-number of doubts and thoughts that were funny at the face value which I realised later and thought, “What the hell I was thinking?”  Let me give you a glimpse of doubts that once popped up in my mind:

  • Buffalo/cow inside the machine:  Yes, you read it right.  Just like the vending machines for soft drinks we used to have vending machines for milk as well.  Those in Delhi would understand instantly, Mother dairy I am talking about.  As a 6-year-old I used to go with my mom for milk and as soon as the token gets in, milk comes out.  For few more years to follow I used to think there might be a buffalo or a cow inside that takes the token and gives milk in return.
  • Board exams:  Whenever I used to listen to people talking about “Board” exams I used to imagine that it simply means that the questions needed to be answered on a black board.  I used to ponder over “how many black boards will be provided for a class of over 40 students?”  I understood much later that “Board” refers to an organisation.
  • Carpentry is easy: I used to think carpentry is nothing but imagining a shape in mind and cutting the wood accordingly and there was anyways fevicol (adhesive) available.  Would you believe me if I say how stupid I was when I tried to cut an unused cricket bat to make furniture for my doll that too using a blade (that goes in razor).  Can’t get even a deep cut!
  • Pencil Tree in the stomach: One of my aunt (in order to make us not to put pencil lead in mouth) used to say if you eat the pencil lead you would have pencil tree in your stomach.  I used to think what would happen if we actually eat the lead.  Soon we would have pencil tree inside our stomach and the pencils would grow right out of our mouths and we don’t have to purchase pencils again.  Creepy thought, isn’t it?
  • Cable TV Wires: Those were the days of cable TVs, cable connections (I mean cable wires) running from one building to another.  I used to think if something sits or is put on these cable wires the same image we would have on our TV screens.  For example if a bird has perched on these cable wires everyone would see a bird on their TV screens.
  • Television Transmission Techniques: Similarly I used to think that a picture on television is a result of actually something going behind the screen.   Remember Mahabharata on Doordarshan, I used to think people are actually fighting behind the screen and horses could come in front of us anytime soon.

Weird imagination, weird thoughts and doubts, aren’t they? Do you have too? Then share it… 😉

Kalpana 🙂



We generally do not associate pleasure or happiness with Doomsday. We use the term often when we refer to a day where a virtual execution may take place. By which, I mean a day where we are to receive some form of thrashing or the day of our examinations or a presentation day in case of working persons etc.

Throughout the week, especially after reading the Mega article we have come across agents that lead us to doom and the ways in which we can overcome them. One prominent feature that struck me was the involvement of the mind in bringing about destruction to oneself and others. I would agree with the writer in her saying that all sorts of actions bringing about destruction have its source in the mind.

Our mind is a web where we weave ideas and thoughts and execute them into actions. No wonder the human mind is still a prominent subject of research and study in today’s world. Psychologists come up with novel theories regarding the functioning of the human mind. However, no one but the Creator Himself knows how and to what depths the human mind works . There is no limit to our thoughts and it can lead from a particular one to a different one in a matter of seconds.

But, to enhance our abilities that differentiate us from animals and baser creatures, we need to distinguish between fruitful and harmful thoughts. There is a very fine line between instinctive action and decisive action and we often commit the mistake of confusing one with the other. I feel the actions that bring about doom are downright instinctive. Let us direct our instincts to the achievement of necessary objects. But then also, we have come across people who commit crimes to eat one meal a day.

Therefore, I feel purgation of the mind is very necessary, which can come about when we associate ourselves with the divine power of the Almighty who is not a transcendental God but is very close to us and is seeking for a relationship with His best creation.

I too have and oftentimes come across destructive thoughts causing harm to myself as well as others. These included building up a wall around so strong that none could penetrate it and isolating me from the world. But as a resolution I practiced going back to the Almighty with a guilty heart and this resulted in the purgation of my mind. This creates a mental immune system so tough that even the most toxic thoughts are cleansed of their impurities. I found that through this recovery process, the values of endurance and faith have gradually enhanced.

The scripture offers a powerhouse of such values that transforms the mind of the destructive individual. Memorization of practical proverbs needs to be done on a daily basis as we are subjected to toxic thoughts regularly. It’s called the power of the spoken word. The more you utter positive verses the more they get imprinted into your mind. Trust me when I say, you will understand the difference.

If this still does not convince you, let me inspire you with St. Paul’s transformation from the Slayer Saul to the Preacher Paul. This was brought about by the same Word of God that continues to strengthen me through my struggles.

Therefore, my friends let us look towards all that, which spells love, peace, unity, justice, holiness and cleanses the mind of the impurities. Let us learn to live the life of a Diamond.


Hands are pure when the heart is pure; heart is pure when thoughts are pure.

There is a famous story of thief and his mother –

A thief once gets caught while stealing and is put behind the bars. His mother comes to meet him and he asks his mother “Why did you do this to me?” Mother shocked asks, “What did I do?” The thief says, “When I was a little boy in school and I used to get those fancy pencils and tiffin boxes from school, why did you never ask me where those came from? Why did you never question the stuff that I had? I continued to steal from school, then from people travelling in public transport and I never made any attempts to hide what I stole from people, yet you never questioned me or scolded me. Why?

Mother had no answer. Whatever her reason was for not stopping her child from stealing, it led to the destruction of the child’s life.  He grew up believing that it is ok to steal. He believed that his mother approved of what he did and he got all the more motivated to steal.

That is how children are. Whether a child has pure hands or impure hands depends on the parents to a large extent. And so as adults, it becomes even larger responsibility to express the purity of our thoughts and hands; to show our children that we have steady feet and that is the only way to live.

I often hear stories where father asks the child to lie for him to neighbors or mothers or somebody else. How horrible is that? Just for a very short term benefit of lying, they end up teaching the children a very wrong value which is to lie. And lying is an impure thought which leads to an impure action.

So, watch your thoughts and watch your actions. Your children will be your reflection when they grow up.


What is Life? If you really think about it, you’ll realize that life is a series of distractions. We were never really meant to toil and moil and somehow survive and our real purpose was never to succumb entirely to the human experience. You see, we are not just mortal beings crammed into a corner of space as flesh and bones. We are more and we have always been more. We just forgot our “more-ness” somewhere along the way. The purpose of life was to rediscover our “more-ness” through this journey and create ourselves anew to unite with our true selves.

But as mentioned, we’ve been living a series of distractions. From the time we are born till the time we die, we distract ourselves every moment. From learning to speak the first word to cramming every bit of information under the sun to holding on to a job so we can not only survive but drown in abundance. Funny thing is our Earth gives everything we need and more without asking anything in return. Yet, we suck her dry without respite, store for apocalypse , hide and steal from one another, fight and kill for it, deprive the powerless and ignorant or sell it for a piece of paper that validates securing stuff that we get for free in the first place! We have lost ourselves in that which does not represent us or our purpose entirely and have forgotten a whole other chunk that makes us whole.

Why do we do this to ourselves? The most simple, almost primal, reason for this is one singular thought, “THERE ISN’T ENOUGH.”

There isn’t enough Food. Water. Oil. Power. Money. Land. This thought does not stop here, it transcends further into there isn’t enough Love. Happiness. Beauty. Peace. Security. You see what we’re doing here? We have turned this THOUGHT into a BELIEF, which is now our REALITY. It has moved down generations, across nations, cultures, religions and everything we do and feel is based on this underlying belief.

How did we get off thinking like this? The human experience is driven by two and only two emotions, LOVE and FEAR. Think about it, everything else is just a variation of these two parent emotions and when it comes down to making decisions, they stem from fear more often than love. It is so because we were raised under a system that enabled a fear-based psyche. Remember ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘every man for himself’, ‘success of the cleverest’ and what not. I don’t intend to defame these sayings except express that these are states that we created out of delusion but thankfully this was not the only kind of influence that shaped our world into it’s present state. Time and time again there have been a few enlightened beings who knew the truth and have risen many a times to open our eyes and yet we forget their words, their passion and their magnificence. They tried to forge us into creating a more peaceful and cooperative environment based on truth learnt from within. Unfortunately, their efforts did not succeed in maintaining it as such.

We can and must let go off our deep- seated fears, unlearn ideas that incite them and whenever in doubt look within because that is where you will find truth. Almost all the violence and wars that take place today are because of the thought that somehow something isn’t enough. We are literally killing each other and destroying the planet over this. We need not live and feel like this anymore because “THERE IS ENOUGH.” Yes, there really is enough. The universe, our earth supplies us with enough to support everyone; all we have to do is SHARE! Same is true for love, money, peace and everything else. For one to share, he must let go off fear and let in love. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to give when you love someone? If we know and believe that there is enough for all, and give more, it would liberate us. It would change us inside out and bring us closer to our true inner identity. The act of giving releases all other attributes associated with fear like greed, insufficiency, jealousy, dissatisfaction etc.

We all have this invisible circle that we draw around ourselves within which we include those few who we love and care about. Any act we think is beneficial, we do it for them and that fulfills us, we give more and it doesn’t feel like a loss but gain because we think of ourselves as a unit, we believe we are “One”. Imagine if we all bring more and more people into this circle until we can’t see it anymore. Our world would be nothing like it is now. This is possible today and this moment if we realize this simple truth.

Love one another as you love yourselves because in reality we are not our bodies or separate entities, we are our souls and we come from the same Source. Do that which nourishes the soul and the body’s needs will automatically be fulfilled. Let’s make a conscious effort, as the New Year unfolds, to be more compassionate, more giving, more kind and needless to say, there would be a time when there are be no more wars, violence, insufficiency or fear, only LOVE.



Brain rewards you for thinking NEGATIVELY?

Did you know your brain rewards you for thinking NEGATIVELY?

In a 1998 paper psychologist John Cacioppo and team concluded, “Negative information tends to influence evaluations more strongly than comparably extreme positive information.”

In the pre-historic age humans were faced with fatal dangers such as predators and natural disasters day in and day out. Natural selection preferred those who could anticipate and avoid danger better than others. Thus our brain developed its “negative bias” – essentially an enhanced ability to register and learn from negative events and anticipate negative outcomes.

So if you want to look at the world through a realistic lens, you need to put in conscious effort.

Notice the positive.
Remember the positive.
Emphasize the positive.


Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts lead to Positive Words
Positive Words lead to Positive Actions
Positive Actions, in time, lead to Positive Habits
And, Positive Habits are the hallmark of a Strong Character!

— Rajnandini