I talk, quite easily, hopefully effectively too 😜 but sometimes way too much. I am an extrovert, stark different to me is my husband – introvert. I remember how he used to pull me aside (not literally but more with gestures like signaling or a hush hush warning) and say “bas bhi karo” (enough is enough) when I would go on an endless errand of talking and talking and talking and had no company but mere silent spectators / listeners. It was a gentle way of saying “Shut Up Please”. Now after 11 years of companionship I think (I can’t be my judge you see) I have well mended my ways 😁.

Talking (can’t help 😁) about my characteristic trait – a chatter box, reminds me of an embarrassing situation which was more scary in nature to be precise for a newly wedded bride at her in-laws place when mind and tongue are not in sync.

I was in India for few months right after my marriage due to Visa issues. And like any newly married girl I was getting myself acquainted with the relatives and the relations, an important exercise. And watching TV serials could be a good bonding formula with mother in law. And while exercising that ritual, I let my tongue loose just as the logic in the TV serials and called the actor “Idiot”. My word to word dialogue – “what an idiot he is”, and that was quite loud. And in a fraction of second I realised what blunder I have just committed in my wake to be honest 😁. The actor was my mother in law’s brother (yes he is quite rich to produce and act in his own series). No prizes to guess how tense the room was then. My mother in law didn’t say a word, seemed to be stunned and I could only meekly say “sorry, said out of habit”. And rushed out of the room, tried to avoid interaction at least for few hours. If that wasn’t enough idiotic I confessed to my brother in law that I am really sorry for not realising what I am saying and completely forgot that he is his maternal uncle. “What are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything” he replied and I had my tongue in cheek. Fortunately my mother in law being a gentle and sweet person, would have understood what allergy people of my generation might have watching daily soaps 😜 didn’t drag her feet on the issue and nothing dramatic or drastic happened. And on this date she trusts me and confides in me completely. A happy state to be😊.

This is not the only incident when my tongue behaved like a rogue and my face needed a hideout. From bursting out (read back bitching) about a teacher that too while in notice of his colleagues to calling classmates of a dear friend “dumb” and on confrontation telling that friend that “dumb” means “not trustworthy” (cough cough, excuse me for my excellent vocabulary as I was quite young then) and everything (lot more) in between, embarrassment has been my constant consort.

These incidents seemingly funny now on paper have been good lessons to me : It’s ok to be friendly and let your hair down but not your guard while talking, talking too much, giving away a piece of your heart and mind more than asked for or even not needed could always lead to OOPS moments and troubles too.

Guard that gold (silence) and spend the silver (speech) more wisely. Learn to Shut that chatter box😜.