My co-authors Aastha and Saakshi often discuss a lot with me about Candles Online regarding what we should write and what should our topics be, etc. They understand that I value them and give them the freedom to discuss and suggest me on different things concerning posts being published on Candles Online but they usually say a very common statement after suggesting: “This is my view now it’s up to you what to do and what not to do.” It is pretty obvious that because they understand that the final decision lies with me being the owner of the site they kick the ball to my court. I didn’t dictate them but they just do it by default. I would have done the same thing if I would have been in their place. It is because I created this site with a purpose – with my wisdom and wishes I earn the supremacy automatically.

Why am I telling all these?

I am explaining this to make you all understand a simple fact that when God is the creator of this whole universe and all that is within it then automatically He becomes the supremo or the sovereign ruler of this whole creation. It does not matter whether we accept His supremacy or not.

If we look around we see that the whole nature goes according to His instructions or His design… We can’t deny this fact. A female goat will never go to mate with another female goat because it is not designed that way. A banana tree will never bear mango fruits in its branches… Why? Because it is not designed that way… A cow will never eat non-vegetarian items even if we serve her on our spacious dining table, offering to serve her more grass to graze on after finishing the platter of KFC chicken…

It is human… Yes, only human was created in His image and with a free will to exercise as he/she wants … But that doesn’t nullify God’s supremacy over all His creation. He still holds the ruler-ship, the sovereignty over everything.

What does the character of God ‘SOVEREIGNTY’ mean? It means –

  1. Highest rank
  2. Supreme authority
  3. Almighty or All-powerful or Omnipotent
  4. All-knowing or Omniscient
  5. Omnipresent
  6. Immutable or final decision maker
  7. He is in control

I remember a true story shared by my boss. It is about an old lady who was very calm and quiet during an earthquake when all others were panicking. After the calamity when she was interviewed about her calmness and courage she replied, “I was wondering…when I realised how big is my God who’s shaking this world.”

What she meant by that is: “Why should I fear when I know our God is a sovereign Lord and He knows everything and He is in perfect control? I am safe if He wants to keep me safe and I can’t to do a thing if He wishes to take my life.”   

Do you remember the major reason behind knowing our Creator God? Let me repeat again…

“What you and I know to be true about God will largely determine our actions and reactions to situations and trials of life.”

The knowledge of His sovereignty gives us the assurance that He is the supremo, He knows what is happening to me and He holds the authority to change it for me.

A growing awareness of the Sovereignty of God leads to true stability in our life and develops a gentle and quiet spirit within the heart of a man or woman who desires to follow after God. 

Keep reading and keep pondering on all this…

Stay Blessed!!!


My GOD is my best friend and I have a very personal relation with Him.

This is a gutsy statement yet a very clear cut announcement of a person who thinks God as her best friend and with whom she is deeply associated. That’s my buddy Prabhjot who wrote this article and published it on 24th June 2012 in a different web community.

Another statement of hers also made me thoughtful. That is, “I believe religion is the most personal subject in this world, more personal than sex or love.” I know this person very well. I know and she also declares that she doesn’t believe in rituals and all such things. Yet when she states that relationship with God is more private and personal than sex (Love is not equal with sex) she must have definitely searched Him to get connected with. She used the word religion but I think she meant “relationship with God” because the theme of her article is about her relationship with God.

We all need to remember that religion is man-made. We are created in such a fashion that our body yearns for the materialistic world, our mind yearns for self and our spirit longs to be united with the Creator. Somebody said, “We have a God-size vacuum within us”. So unless that vacuum is occupied by Him we are incomplete and will stay unfulfilled. This is not religion but the very basic thing of a human being as whole. Spirituality is not religion. Religion is completely worldly but spirituality is divine. I started Candles Online keeping these basics of human beings in mind. Because as a human my body has a downward pull towards the world and its temptations, my mind always loves to satiate my own self, my own family and so on… Yet my spirit seeks His divine intervention and to meet His person on a regular basis, every moment.

The question can be raised like, “Why is it important for us to know about God? Does this kind of knowledge have any practicality in this super modern world?


I want to quote few writers about whom we discussed during a spiritual class that I took long back:

“Submit to God and be at peace with him.” So knowing about God gives us peace.

“You will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” So knowing about God gives us inner freedom.

“Knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” So knowing about God will give us understanding.

“The people that do know their God shall be strong.” So if we are to be strong as men and women we need to study about God.

From the statements above we should realise that it is important to know and study about God. This is as important as having our daily meal and drinking water or even breathing in oxygen to live because we are spiritual beings.

And the major reason about knowing God is: “What you and I know to be true about God will largely determine our actions and reactions to situations and trials of life.”

Let me give you an example. When I am sad and know that if I pray to God He will comfort me and give me strength to stay joyful in the midst of all… I am not talking about being joyful and cheerful when we are dancing or singing or having fun with friends… I am talking about being joyful when I am all alone in my bedroom and feel like crying…

So my point here is, my knowledge about God that He can give me strength and comfort makes me to react positively to my condition. So knowing God more and more is of utmost importance.

Prabhjot concluded her article by saying this: “My God is my best friend. I think atheists are the loneliest people in this world.” I agree with her 100%.

The Bible says – “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” Let’s not be fools as we start this New Year.

In the following days I will bring to your knowledge FIVE very special characters of God which will literally transform and renew your mind and make your lives easy to live on this earth as you lead your lives facing different hurdles day in and day out.

I know that yesterday I ended the year 2016 on a very negative note but I was renewed this morning when I revisited and studied about His awesome characters.

Keep reading and understanding as we begin this year 2017.

Stay Blessed!



There they sat around the table determined to end the dilemma,

Which for long had served them nothing but sheer insomnia.

The hypothalamus took the lead,

To ensure that the meeting progresses in good speed –

“The heart is sensitive and the mind is tough,

Pressure to the mind puts the heart in a shock,

Pleasure in the mind tells the heart yock – yock.”

To the thunderous applause of the hypothalamus’ speech,

Stood up the frontal lobe with it’s head held high.

“I”, said the frontal lobe, “I plan, think, organize,

When the situation is on the rise,

And there needs to be a decision wise.

I control the laughters and the fears,

And, help steer out of pools of tears.

I hold the reins in my hand,

Even in ways that you do not understand.”

Amidst the pompous rhetoric came a deep knock – knock,

In stepped the heart with its tumbling walk.

“Friends and comrades”, started the heart,

“Spirit, Opportunity, Mangalyaan have touched the surface of Mars,

Only in the years recent,

Signs of existence of water therein,

Have been discovered not in the days too ancient.

The Venera missions have been fewer still,

With the ferocious solar flares threatening the very thought of life.

Yet authors say that having parachuted from Mars and Venus,

Men and women have met at this unique haven called Earth!!

Can any of my esteemed comrades dispel this deadly confusion?

A simple muscular pump am I,

So beyond my means to fathom these intricacies.”

Silence reigned heavy in the room,

It was a scene very near to gloom.

No answers no reason no logic no speech,

Glances exchanged and stares returned,

That was it.

Then with sudden illumination they all looked up,

Nods and smiles soon charged them up,

As they realized the deeper meaning of it all.

Biology, Physiology and Psychology,

Intertwined in one whole,

Makes up the human body, mind and soul.

So think with your mind,

And do with all your heart,

Is the wisest bottom line of it all!



I can’t believe Khristina thought exactly what I was thinking about the prized possession, “Life.”

Who can understand the value of life than me who had gone down to the wire of death and got back to life again?

One of my closest of friends thinks that I should not remember the day when I was operated because it was a bad day of my life. But my answer to her was that it was the day when I got back my life again and how can I forget it.

I am sure everybody will agree to the fact that life is everybody’s prized possession. Nobody will ever have the wish to give up that possession at any cost. Everybody is selfish about it. They always try to make it better and better.

But have you ever thought about it what happens when we die? We all live for our body… we shout, scheme, plan and even kill to safeguard our body. Have we ever thought about our soul?

The Scripture makes us to think by posing a question for us:

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Sometime I just pause and think about it… What is really going to happen when I will die? Where will my spirit go? Will I be able to feel anything? Does the life on earth determine the destination of my soul or I have some other ways?

As far as my knowledge is concerned I know that the complete dependence on God’s salvation plan and full faith on His actions are my guide to the destination of my soul.

If my soul is eternal, my life is eternal; I am an eternal being… Life or Soul that runs my body is my most prized possession for which I need to be selfish to keep it safe and secured eternally.

Are you thinking about it?

Keep pondering…

Stay blessed!!!   


What is Life? If you really think about it, you’ll realize that life is a series of distractions. We were never really meant to toil and moil and somehow survive and our real purpose was never to succumb entirely to the human experience. You see, we are not just mortal beings crammed into a corner of space as flesh and bones. We are more and we have always been more. We just forgot our “more-ness” somewhere along the way. The purpose of life was to rediscover our “more-ness” through this journey and create ourselves anew to unite with our true selves.

But as mentioned, we’ve been living a series of distractions. From the time we are born till the time we die, we distract ourselves every moment. From learning to speak the first word to cramming every bit of information under the sun to holding on to a job so we can not only survive but drown in abundance. Funny thing is our Earth gives everything we need and more without asking anything in return. Yet, we suck her dry without respite, store for apocalypse , hide and steal from one another, fight and kill for it, deprive the powerless and ignorant or sell it for a piece of paper that validates securing stuff that we get for free in the first place! We have lost ourselves in that which does not represent us or our purpose entirely and have forgotten a whole other chunk that makes us whole.

Why do we do this to ourselves? The most simple, almost primal, reason for this is one singular thought, “THERE ISN’T ENOUGH.”

There isn’t enough Food. Water. Oil. Power. Money. Land. This thought does not stop here, it transcends further into there isn’t enough Love. Happiness. Beauty. Peace. Security. You see what we’re doing here? We have turned this THOUGHT into a BELIEF, which is now our REALITY. It has moved down generations, across nations, cultures, religions and everything we do and feel is based on this underlying belief.

How did we get off thinking like this? The human experience is driven by two and only two emotions, LOVE and FEAR. Think about it, everything else is just a variation of these two parent emotions and when it comes down to making decisions, they stem from fear more often than love. It is so because we were raised under a system that enabled a fear-based psyche. Remember ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘every man for himself’, ‘success of the cleverest’ and what not. I don’t intend to defame these sayings except express that these are states that we created out of delusion but thankfully this was not the only kind of influence that shaped our world into it’s present state. Time and time again there have been a few enlightened beings who knew the truth and have risen many a times to open our eyes and yet we forget their words, their passion and their magnificence. They tried to forge us into creating a more peaceful and cooperative environment based on truth learnt from within. Unfortunately, their efforts did not succeed in maintaining it as such.

We can and must let go off our deep- seated fears, unlearn ideas that incite them and whenever in doubt look within because that is where you will find truth. Almost all the violence and wars that take place today are because of the thought that somehow something isn’t enough. We are literally killing each other and destroying the planet over this. We need not live and feel like this anymore because “THERE IS ENOUGH.” Yes, there really is enough. The universe, our earth supplies us with enough to support everyone; all we have to do is SHARE! Same is true for love, money, peace and everything else. For one to share, he must let go off fear and let in love. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to give when you love someone? If we know and believe that there is enough for all, and give more, it would liberate us. It would change us inside out and bring us closer to our true inner identity. The act of giving releases all other attributes associated with fear like greed, insufficiency, jealousy, dissatisfaction etc.

We all have this invisible circle that we draw around ourselves within which we include those few who we love and care about. Any act we think is beneficial, we do it for them and that fulfills us, we give more and it doesn’t feel like a loss but gain because we think of ourselves as a unit, we believe we are “One”. Imagine if we all bring more and more people into this circle until we can’t see it anymore. Our world would be nothing like it is now. This is possible today and this moment if we realize this simple truth.

Love one another as you love yourselves because in reality we are not our bodies or separate entities, we are our souls and we come from the same Source. Do that which nourishes the soul and the body’s needs will automatically be fulfilled. Let’s make a conscious effort, as the New Year unfolds, to be more compassionate, more giving, more kind and needless to say, there would be a time when there are be no more wars, violence, insufficiency or fear, only LOVE.