This time the entries have gone higher than the previous challenge which brought a smile on my face. This time, the picture was very sweet and funny and probably that’s the reason why I received more entries. Everyone has written excellent one liners. I thoroughly  They were commendable which are given below:

Preeta Bhatnagar – The Race For Hunger.

Aditi Chitale Ranade – Raise voice against injustice, together we can!

Aditi Chitale Ranade – Stand up and speak for yourself. Make yourself heard.

Pradita Kapahi – I can sing the loudest… Tweep, tweet, tweeeeeeeee…

Archana Dipu – When you sing in chorus, there is no room for competition.

Savio Pães – Sing…Sing a Song…Sing it loud..Sing it STRONG.

Ashalata Chauhan – All praise be to God.

Prabhjot Kaur Saini – The family that eats together and sings together always stays together.

Shrabani Tripathy – … Open wide your mouth.. And I will fill it ….

Kuljeet Saini – Demand with all your might what you Desire.. Mom is listening..

Isaac Mohanty – Better to be silent than to open mouth wide.

Kalpana Kameshwari Vogeti – Time to prove our might, jet set go!

Asangla Patra – When you sing aloud with your whole heart to the LORD, You don’t care how you look!

Avinash Das – The beauty of TEAM, discards the differences of individual size and strength!

Paresh Das – The world’s best choir outside its nest.

Mr. Paresh Das’s caption inspired me a lot which talks about how we do the best when we come out of our shell or nest. Ms. Asangla Patra’s caption reminded me of how important it is to praise God at all times and that’s how we derive strength from Him. Ms. Archana Dipu’s caption depicts how we are not supposed to compete with each other when we are in one family, one group, one team and so on… Ms. Aditi Chitale Ranade’s caption was about how standing unitedly against injustice is effective or bring forth fruit. Very motivating. But what impressed me the most this time was Avinash’s one liner and I don’t need to explain it because the quote says it all… It was beautiful and spot on!!!


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Again this time the entries that I have received were very less. The picture was very nice but probably didn’t interest the participants much. But those of you, who have participated and deciphered it was excellent. They were commendable which are given below:

Kalpana Kameshwari Vogeti: “No matter how small a splash you make, at the end of the day it’s the ripple effect that gets registered which is always huge.”

Archana Dipu: Overcome your weakness. Turn them into your wings. Go, conquer that story.”

Preeta Bhatnagar: Don’t be afraid to take chances! Go ahead and explore.”

Vishal Bheeroo: Chew more than you can and when it hits the hardest! Get knocked and up to rise and soar!”

Sandhya Parida Majumdar: May my faith always be like a hummingbird…returning to its favorite place, where she can quench her thirst.”

Prabhjot Kaur Saini: It doesn’t matter if I am big or small, I will make a difference to the world around me…”

Mrs. Sandhya’s caption impressed me a lot as it tells how in our gloomy life and unsatisfied life only God can quench our thirst if we come to Him. But after discussing with few of my friends (not on Candles Online) it is my delight to announce the best one from all the above entries is Prabhjot’s as it reflects the message without talking about the objects that are seen to our eyes. So to speak, it is indirect and helps us to look at the picture again to affirm the message conveyed by her. Beautiful reflection!!!


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When I joined the WhatsApp group there was a huge discussion on ‘Sholay’ going on and I was a surprised yet a silent spectator. Next day they were sharing pictures of all sorts of delicious food. Laughing and teasing each other. Writers were supposed to be the serious intellectual types. Right? But here everyone seems almost normal, I mean quite similar to me!

longscreenshot_2017-01-31-12-13-08Yes these were my first thoughts when I joined the Candles Online group. I was almost afraid to say something lest I look like a fool among all the scholarly kinds. I only knew them from the articles they had written. Some of these articles had profound meaningful thoughts, others had a solid backing of research and huge data.  How could I ever match up to them?

But as I got to know everyone I realised how wrong I was. These were such beautiful souls handpicked by Chiradeep, who never judged anyone. I was accepted whole heartedly into the group. Each and every member is so emotionally enriched, some of them have conquered huge personal tragedies and made a place for themselves in their domain. A motley group of varied age groups, diverse backgrounds, spread across the globe with a common aim – To churn out motivating, heart touching or rather life altering articles week after week.

Being a part of this group has given a new meaning to my life. Every week’s topic gives a new leash of life to my thought process. The way Chiradeep creates a healthy competition among us by ‘popular votes’ or ‘most viewed articles’ makes this whole process even more exciting. Each and every like and comment on my article puts me on cloud nine. So far the journey has been beautiful and I am sure it will be even better in the future. Thankyou fellow Candelians, you are my friends for life.

When we were kids and growing up in our native places life was very different. Festivals had a significance when the whole family used to get together and celebrate. We have memories of our childhood of various rituals and celebrations in each festivals. But now that we have moved away from our home town and living in nuclear families. We are so caught up in our routines that the sparkle in our celebrations has dimmed. I thought we were depriving our kids of some beautiful experiences and memories. With this thought in mind a few of our society members came together and formed a cultural committee. We started very small but slowly and steadily we grew. Now we are organising 10-15 events in a year ranging from the national holidays to the festivals lohri, Pongal, Navratri, holi, Diwali, Christmas, dahi handi, Ganpati etc. and also fun fair and sports events in the society premises itself. And our children get first-hand experience of how some of the major festivals of India are celebrated.

This PPCC group is like a family now. Sometimes we are haggling with the vendors for best price, at other times we are covering up for some last minute goof ups, collecting money from residents, arranging the catering, games, entertainers overall it’s an exhilarating experience.   We all are juggling this hobby along with our family and work responsibilities. What bring us together is the fun we have in the whole process. We laugh together, we fight and get upset too, we face criticism together. But nothing beats the adrenaline rush before the event is about to start and the immense satisfaction of a job well done after all the hullabaloo is over. Jhumur, Ritu, Krishna, Rajshree, Venkat, Ramesh, Riddhi, Sapna, Sushantu and Shubhomoy thanks for getting together and giving me a sense of purpose.