What if the word ‘selfish’ didn’t exist?

What if EGO was not in the list?

What if people’s love were without condition?

Without compromise, and without adulteration?

Then we would know for sure Euphoria existed

In that, a tinge of heaven we had tasted!

But we still can get a glimpse

If only we cure our attitude’s limps

And give beyond what is required of us

With a cheerful heart, without making any fuss!

           When your friends ask you a helping hand

            Don’t just help for the sake of it

             Go the extra mile with self sacrifice

             So that their heart strings are hit

            And wonder they of the love you have shown

            Such that the same love in them would lit!

           When you are angry with your loved ones

           Don’t let your ego take control

           But go the extra mile, show your love,

           Show your care and play well your role!

           Hold no grudge, forgive quickly

           Because harmony is the ultimate goal.

We often speak about big changes to bring

But the key lies in altering those small things

Go the extra mile, take the pain!

I guarantee, there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain!

While we are at an attempt to achieve the big things in life, we often put aside those things which create bigger differences. We end up earning titles of being ‘selfish’, ’arrogant’, ‘rude’ and so on. Let us defeat the self-centeredness inside us and take the extra mile, may it be for a friend or relative or a random stranger. Go beyond what is expected of you and create the difference. With the advancement in every area, this is the only zone where we are lagging behind. Let’s outrace this one too. Let’s take the extra mile!