Thou have given me the power to feel and to heal,

Thou have given me the power to live life with renewed zeal.


Thy matchless love has empowered me to love,

And in Thy forgiveness l’m empowered to forgive.


The power to speak possibility into situations of impossibility,

And cast out the demons of disbelief and hostility.


The power to infuse life into the lifeless,

Also to shine bright in gloomy darkness.


The power to speak, to touch and to hear,

Many a hurting souls to comfort and to care.


To speak to the raging storms and fiery seas,

The power to calm them against turbulences and foggy slees.


To wield the power of truth and justice,

To shut my mouth for scorn and injustice.


These powers and much more have Thou vested me with,

Before even I had Thou requested for these.


Lord Omnipotent, now a humble plea before Thee I make,

To fill me with faith enough to stand firm and not break.


To realize the Superpowers that Thou have embedded within me,

So as to live for Thee a life victorious and free.


The power to rejoice,

When the heart can barely push out a voice.


Peace to declare 

In war to have no share.


Thy love to spread far and wide,

And never to put uprightness aside.


15th November 2014, the eventful day when my child was born – the day we cherish, love and celebrate. It was the day when I finally bid farewell to a life of rest and relaxation. From that day till now, work had been the main part of my day’s schedule. It was not only me but also my mother-in-law who worked all day. My mother-in-law was a banker then. She had a fixed time of work. Her tight schedule always kept her on her toes and kept her busy. Her mode of relaxation was a long drive along the river bank, or a short visit to her sister’s place or a movie night. For rest, she loved to come over to which ever state we lived in for the holidays. I too had similar ways to relax which included a late night drive across the deserted streets, a light mood chat with my mother or husband, playing, cooking, art and watching movies. I used to write poems and stories at times, and was appreciated by many friends and family members.

Those now are the ‘fancy stuffs’ I long for. I hardly get time to even sit. Well, these are usual things that happen to everyone. Male or Female, we all long for our comfort zones where we can rest or relax. Recently, I realized that music and rain are the two things that relax me the most. Whenever I feel down, or agitated or unwilling to have any conversation, I switch on the music. I zone out while working and I find peace. Its a way back to sanity and happiness in my life. Music has always had a calming effect on me. Maybe it is very genetic, but I never knew it could fill me with such tranquility. 

Same with rains! I do not get to feel the water on me but still the smell, the wind, the cooling effect, and just the feeling of rain clouds over me is so thrilling and make me the happiest. Even if its gloomy, dirty and muddy for many, its love for some too.

Though things as such are rarities in life, I try to fill in some of them to my daily schedule. They really pump up my energy and fill me with an urge to work more efficiently. Rest is an utmost requirement of our body. Less of it and our body will tire more and we would age more faster. With the adequate amount of rest and relaxation, our body will be able to work efficiently and keep us away from illness by fighting disease causing agents. Like a machine, which requires a shutdown for a particular amount of time to work more efficiently, our body too requires a shutdown. A complete sleep, a short nap, a relaxing spa time, a perfect massage, a warm bath, a 20-mins walk, a soulful conversation, laughing to the heart’s content can give our body a restart for better functioning.

The soul will also rejoice the flow of energy. Let us also be thoughtful and live a little for our own self. Let us prepare to make memories for a longer period, by keeping our body, mind and heart healthy. Because as happiness is self-made, so are rest and relaxation.

Life is all about balance. You don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes its perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back and do nothing.                                                                                                                – Lori Deschene


What a perfect time to write about Rest and Relaxation! Summer vacations have just ended for a few and have just begun for a few. This is the time when almost everyone takes time out for some or the other form of relaxation.

But why do we need such time? Have you ever noticed? – If the computer is behaving erratically or if the Wi-Fi is down, and it seems the modem is not working. The first bit of advice that we get is switch it off count till 10 and switch it on again. And 90% of the time it works. The following quote explains the whole thing.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… Including you. – Anne Lammot

We are all busy making something out of our life for it to mean something. We get involved in it so much that at times we forget to give ourselves a break. And stress of our daily life mounts on us. That is where rest and relaxation comes in. So, my dear friends never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Is there a difference between rest and relaxation? Yes, even if we take a few minutes off from some strenuous work it is resting. Sleeping is resting. It gives our body some time to rejuvenate. We have all studied in Biology our body uses the sleeping time to rebuild. Many illnesses like body aches and pains and mild fever etc. are cured by a good night’s sleep.

Wherein relaxation is like meditation. It helps us unwind our mind, reduce the stress, pressure, anxiety etc. Many a times it is possible to rest without relaxing. When people have difficulty sleeping, or are restless during their sleep it is because their mind is so wound up and knotted that they are not able to relax or let go.

Coming back to our work after proper rest and relaxation increases our work potential and the quality of our output. Like they say ‘A field that has rested gives bountiful crop’.

Going on an exotic vacation is an obvious way to relax. Seeing new places, meeting new people and having different experiences gives our mind a perfect way to break out of our monotonous routine and stress of our daily life. But it is not always possible to get enough leave from work or afford an expensive getaway.

So, what are the other means to relax? I would personally recommend that we should have a regular relaxation routine instead of depending only on our annual vacations. It should be something that so completely occupies your mind that there is no space left for our niggling worries and tensions.

Playing a sport is one such activity. Because we need to concentrate so much on our game we tend to block out all other thoughts from our mind. So, playing while being an excellent exercise for our body becomes a very relaxing activity for our mind.

Same is the case with music. Singing or listening to music or playing an instrument also has a very calming effect on us. All the agitation or stress inside us just flows out of our body.

There are many other such activities. Like any kind of hobby, taking a walk in the greens, getting a massage, even doing social worketc. etc. I would look forward to hear from you all what is the most relaxing activity that you do.

Different things work for different people. For example, I hate spending time in the kitchen. I spend only the bare minimum time in kitchen that is required for cooking the daily food. But for my mom – in – law…she loves cooking and making different dishes. So, what is stressful for me is a very relaxing activity for her.

Look around and find the activity that makes you forget all your worries when you are at it. And make it a part of your regular routine.

If nothing else works the most tried and tested one is meditation and prayer. Be thankful for the things you have and give your worries to God, blank out your mind and start with a clean slate.

Rest, Relax and be thankful.


If you ever fail . . .

No wait, that’s not the correct statement to begin with!

In life it’s not about ‘if you fail’, but about ‘when you fail’. Failure is an inevitable part of life. We all encounter failure at different stages of our lives – be it a failure in academics at school or college level, failure in securing a job of one’s choice, failure in marrying a beloved, failure in sustaining a marriage, failure in begetting children, failure in giving happiness to others, failure in exercising self-control over our passions and temptations, and on go the variations.

Be prepared

Don’t be surprised when failure greets you unawares. The best of your preparation may end up in a failure. Hence, being prepared for outcomes of all sorts minimizes the jerks given by failures.

Avoid negative people

Avoid the company of people who point out to your failure time and again and make you feel that you are worth nothing. Negative people breed negativity. Hence, quit their company.

Don’t closet yourself

Don’t allow yourself to wallow in self-pity. Don’t shut yourself in a room for long, shedding endless tears. After a brief mourning period, gather yourself and mingle with like-minded understanding people. Sometime back I met up with a friend to cheer her up as she was going through a gloomy phase having not cleared an exam (which I myself had not cleared too) after a lot of hard work. Sensing that she needed to venture out from her room, I suggested that we go out to have dinner. We went to an eatery not far from where we were staying. As we placed the order for food, I noticed that there was a big group, around 10-12, sitting in front of us. From there conversation, I gathered that all of them had not cleared the same exam and wanted to wind up the episode in an upbeat manner before gearing up for the next phase!

Forge positive relationships

Be in the presence of people who would lift you up and show you the silver lining beneath the dark thundering clouds. Encouragement and motivation work wonders in boosting up the morale when you feel like giving up.

Gear up for what is to come next

It is natural to feel dejected and sink into sadness (or depression in extreme cases) when you fail. But, that robs away the time to prepare for what is to come next. So, do not allow yourself to brood over your failures for long. Gird yourself for what is to come next.

Speaking from personal experience (and many of you would agree to it too), the day after experiencing the failure generally hits the hardest. When you open your eyes the next morning after an almost sleepless night and come face to face with reality, everything seems blank and there arises a sinking feeling within. This is exactly when you need to pick up the reins and brace yourself for the next phase.

Failure may be a one day occurrence that hits hard (a relationship break up/an academic failure/losing in a game) or a phase that lingers on for quite some time (financial debt/deteriorating marriage). And, not many have the ability to bounce back and be in high spirits immediately. We have grown up with the famous saying – ‘Failure is the stepping stone to success.’ But, rarely does this saying give an instant kick when the sky is falling apart over us.

I really like the concept of ‘Failing forward’ given by America’s leadership expert John C. Maxwell who has penned a book by the same title too. Failing Forward is the belief that dealing with failure intelligently will be the driver to improve further on in life. So, don’t let failure squeeze the life out of you. Give yourself a pat on the back, assess the loopholes and look ahead to mend them. There is always light at the end of a tunnel!

When you fail, remember you are not alone.

When you fail, remember you tried.

When you fail, remember this is not the end of the road.

When you fail, remember God is still in control.

Knowing that God is in control has helped me to bounce back in the face of failures and rejoice with the understanding that the failure was for a purpose and is not meant to be the end of the road.