As I sit this Christmas Eve to pen down a few lines on this week’s topic ‘Live your Passion’, I am strongly reminded of the passion with which Jesus Christ loved mankind so as to come down to this earth in human form. The passion with which God loved and continues to love humanity cannot be described in words. It can only be felt to be believed.

It’s easy to love a friend. But, it’s very difficult to love an enemy. However, God demonstrated His passion towards humanity, by loving us while we were still enemies. The question might pop up in some minds as to how on earth is humanity in enmity with God? The answer is ‘because of sin’. Sin distorts our holy image with which the Holy God created us all. Hence, to restore us all to the pristine glory in which God intended us to be, Jesus Christ came down to offer His hand of friendship to us. So wonderful a love!

It was indeed the passionate love of Jesus that made Him leave His Heavenly abode and step down to earth to redeem mankind from the shackles of sin. That’s the true reason for celebrating Christmas!

Christmas is not merely about cakes, candles, gifts and feasting. It’s about the passionate love of a Saviour! A former atheist C.S. Lewis who experienced this passionate love of Jesus Christ later on in life describes the advent of Jesus on earth with these words – “The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.”

Wishing all our readers a Joyous Christmas!

  • Rajnandini Sahu