Individual Story, Short Stories, SNIPPETS


I was in my ninth standard. The distribution of computer weekly test paper was in progress. Few of the students surrounded Mr. Rituraj Pradhan, our computer sir. He was fairly new to the school and had made a pretty good impression on us students. Even though I struggled in computers and Java was way beyond my limited… Continue reading THE GOOD TEACHER

Bitterness to Life, SNIPPETS


Sana was extremely angry at her husband “How dare he say something like this about my body in front of his friends? He doesn’t love me anymore. He only likes to make fun to me.” She even fought with him which only landed in a few more blames games and finger pointing. This did not… Continue reading COST OF BITTERNESS

Gift of Love


A spring of water in a sun-scorched land, A pinch of salt in a dish that tastes bland, A luminous ray in a grimy dungeon, Thus is tender love for hearts in blanched convention. ❤ A precious hour, a sweet smile and a kind word of understanding, A gentle touch, a warm hug and a… Continue reading LOVE’S TRUE GIFT

FINAL WORDS, Power of Forgiveness, Thaddeus Bon Coeur


This is because in forgiving someone, you are paying for the debt that they owe you, balancing the proverbial scales of injustice. This is what makes forgiveness difficult. It’s not a matter of simply saying, “I forgive you”, “It's OK”, or “No problem”. In order to forgive someone, *you* must incur the debt that *they* owe you. Some describe it as “releasing another”.